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A Malibu Soiree Under The Stars

Tanya & Keegan by Forged In The North

Every now and then you see it – love in its truest form. Energy that you can feel through photographs. Raw, unguarded and beautifully authentic, we were completely swept up in the magic of Keegan and Tanya’s Malibu wedding.

Surrounded by a garden of vines and white roses, a Point Dume backyard imbued with personal sentiment was the perfect backdrop for the Summer celebration under the stars. Echoing the botanical theme, Tanya wore an alluring, floor skimming gown with textured details of blooms, delicately appliquéd.

Definitively avant garde, the garden reception used a simple palette of white linens for the tables, accompanied by vintage crystal glasses and silver cutlery. White flowers in clear glass vases were strewn across the long rectangular tables, adorned with candles.

Beautifully capturing every fleeting moment, were LANE handpicked photographers Forged in The North.

Our Story

Names / Tanya & Keegan

Wedding Date / August 6, 2016

Guest Numbers / 123

How we met…

We grew up in the same small town. Even though we both went to different schools, we had shared a lot of friends in common. Keegan claims to have always had a crush on me, and I was totally oblivious to it. It seemed like all my girlfriends had crushes on him, so I didn’t think much of it. We reconnected a couple of years later when he was moving in with one of my best guy friends. I immediately had liked him. We acted on our intuition and got together. I think it was our destiny to get together when we did.


Our Engagement Story…

It began as a normal Tuesday. We were walking on the beach in front of our house, like we do every morning. After a long kayak ride we were back on shore and he completely caught me by surprise. With our beloved dog by our side, he dropped down on one knee in the sand. After that he surprised me again by whisking me away for the night to my favourite hotel, San Ysidro Ranch, where we spent the whole time drinking champagne and celebrating each other.


Marriage to us means…

Solidifying that comfort and support system rooted in passion and love for one another.