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A Romantic Garden Wedding in South Africa

Photography by Deon & Reni (formerly Modern Hearts) for Shannon & Mark

Forever feeding our insatiable desire for the modern boheme, Shannon Pittman’s (of bridal label Bo & Luca) recent wedding epitomizes whimsical romance, with hand-beaded gowns and afternoon wanders through endless fields of wildflowers.

After first meeting Mark on a whirlwind trip to South Africa, the pair connected through time zones, with Shannon splitting her time between Cape Town and her native Sydney. Their wedding was held on the South African peninsula, hidden down a treelined driveway that led to a poolside restaurant nestled between apple orchards.

An extension of her brand, Shannon’s wedding was an exploration of freedom in design, with romance materializing in the smallest of details. An ode to everything local, Bo & Luca gowns and jewels were paired freshly picked blooms and company stationery. Guests dined on harvest tables piled with honeyed camembert and charcuterie, eating with antique cutlery collected from the couple’s travels across the globe…

Photography by Deon & Reni.

Our Story


Names / Shannon & Mark

Wedding Date /  April 7, 2018

Guest Numbers / 110

How We Met…

Mark and I met through some friends whilst I was on a trip to South Africa. I’m not sure if I believe in love at first sight, however, my husband is so handsome I was instantly attracted to him, we talked all throughout the evening and exchanged numbers. He was so sweet and a true gentleman. The next week he took me on the most romantic date, a picnic on the side of the most beautiful mountain with the most incredible views, Chapman’s Peak.


Our Engagement Story…

After 2 years of a long distance relationship, I decided to split my time between Cape Town and Sydney. Long distance is not for the faint-hearted. In the first 6 months we lived right on the beach in an area called Hout Bay which is based at the bottom of the beautiful Chapman’s Peak, where we had our first picnic date. One evening after work Mark came home and asked me to hike the mountain with him. When we reached the point on the mountain where we had our first date, Mark bent down on one knee and proposed to me. He is incredibly romantic I couldn’t think of anything more magical or thoughtful.


Marriage To Us Means…

Trust, compassion and friendship. Trust that we will always have each other’s back.  Compassionate enough to never be too arrogant or angry to see the others point of view, always trying to understand our own personal views and letting each other grow. Friendship, having the ability to laugh when things are tough, having fun with one another, never having to be too serious.