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Effortless Bohéme in the South of France

Photography by Giuseppe Marano for Jasmin & Christopher

Nestled between tumbling hills, an ancient village was transformed, playing host to visitors from afar; travelers brought together by a celebration defined by a spirit of bohémia

Hidden behind walls of crumbling stone, days stretched into nights as guests were treated to a whimsical escape. From nights on the lawn to breakfast picnics in forest clearings, Jasmin and Christopher’s wedding took place in a world of their own creation.

Vows were exchanged in a 12th century church, where the aisle was strewn with flowers and guests spilled out onto the courtyard. By night, dinner was served indoors, a long-forgotten dwelling revitalized by a sea of candles and an evening of elation.

Throughout it all, guests returned to a central clearing, a space that looked over the undisturbed countryside, where stars lit the night through an undressed teepee that stretched into the French horizon…

Photography by LANE handpicked photographer Giuseppe Marano.

Our Story

Names / Jasmin and Christopher

Wedding Date / August 5, 2017

Guests / 80

How we met…

We met on a beautiful humid Sydney night at a small house party. We immediately locked onto each other and gravitated to this unsaid energy between us. Christopher got extremely nervous and I got shy. Chris actually sweated through his whole shirt in the first two minutes of us talking, we still laugh about that today. It was definitely love at first sight.

Our Engagement story…

We had just moved to Los Angeles from Sydney and always wanted a white Christmas in New York. Christopher surprised me by proposing in Central Park near the Boat House. There was a beautiful completely random string quartet playing under the bridge while he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, it was pure magic. After we cried, kissed and hugged we went to the boathouse for celebratory champagne. A couple sitting beside us somehow found out that we just got engaged and the husband started to sing “When I fall in Love” by Nat King Cole. In a perfect New York moment, the whole restaurant broke out in song for us. It was as if we were in 90’s romantic comedy! We truly believe that great love should feel like a 90’s R&B song.


Marriage to us means…

A life long journey of undying support from both parties, lots of compromising, letting go of the ego (staying flexible) and truly loving your partner through all the ups and downs. We believe it’s incredibly important to support each other’s individual dreams while building shared meaning together.

The Details


Wedding Location

We rented a 12th century village in the South of France that housed our 80 guests for four days. We had our own little paradise disconnected from the rest of the world. It was just us and our international tribe celebrating our union. The village is called Castelnau des Fieumarcon. We can’t recommend it enough!


Theme & Style

Elegant with a touch of French bohemian chic.



Giuseppe Marano – An incredibly talented photographer; we wanted a photojournalist/candid vibe to our wedding photos, which was exactly what we got. We can’t recommend Giuseppee more! P.S he’s like a ninja behind the camera- never noticed him.