An Ethereal Warehouse Reception

Set amongst timeworn walls & beneath a dreamy, billowing canopy comes a majestic tablescape spilling with layered stone, blackened foliage & artisanal ceramics.

Within the walls of a forgotten 19th century warehouse lies a tablescape spilling with ethereal beauty. From the creative vision of Dos Santas comes a tableau of shape and contrast; a moment of reverie both quiet and dramatic, enveloped in the otherworldly ambience only age-old spaces can bestow.


Styled in a desaturated palette of chalky, soft hues, a table was set steeped in texture and dreamy, filtered light. In a considered delivery of poetry and balance, marble, crystal and shards of stone were placed betwixt artisan ceramics and delicate, petal-like mushrooms. Accents of ebony punctuated the pale, with slender candles and dark, modern cutlery anchoring the lightness.

The idea is to introduce contrast to every aspect. The hard & cold materials like stone, marble & crystals, contrasting with the soft, organic lines…” – Dos Santas

For florals, bicoloured Eustoma and cloudlike blooms of snowy hydrangeas juxtaposed stark and blackened branches that stretched upwards from their vessels. Above, undulating swathes of white fabric floated, creating a focal point both elegant and majestic, a visual feat of a heightened calibre.


“Our advice would be to always choose vendors you trust & have a similar style. This is a setting perfect for autumn or winter weddings & can be easily scaled to a larger format.” – Dos Santas

Photography / Dos Santas 

Styling / Dos Santas 

Florist / Molist Floristes

Venue / Colonia Rusiñol

Furniture / AH Rental

Tableware / AH Rental

Plates / Zara Home 

Vases / Blanc Ceramics

Stationery / JDN Paper

Bride / Savannah Miller, The Muse Collective

Groom / Ralph Lauren


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