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A Decadent Fall Wedding in an Italian Castle

Photography by Veronica Onofri.

Ephemeral black & whites and detail shots akin to paintings capture the wedding day of Marco and Defne.

The backdrop: San Sebastiano da Po Castle.

The feeling: Decadent.

With friends, family, and the rolling piedmont hills as their witness, the couple were married within a village church, followed by a reception against a lush greenhouse. Their choice of an autumnal color palete, extravagant floral arrangements, and market style stalls serving both Italian and Turkish cuisine were a stunning nod to the Italian faculty for opulence. A day abundant with rich textures and traditions that leaves you gluttonous for more.

This luxurious Italian wedding was captured by photographer Veronica Onofri.


Our Story

Names / Defne & Marco

Location / Piemonte, Italy

Wedding Date / October 7th, 2023

Guest Numbers / 230

How We Met

We met in the mountains, having dinner at a friend’s house. Both Marco and I are ski instructors, and we share many friends due to our common profession, which is also a great passion for us.

It wasn’t love at first sight, and he made me wait for quite some time until we met again and shared our first kiss. It was in 2008, and since that day, we haven’t parted ways.


Our Engagement Story

We were in the mountains, it was snowing outside, and I wanted to stay indoors to watch an episode of Master Chef. However, he kept insisting on going for a walk. After a thousand attempts, he convinced me, and in the midst of the snow, he got down on one knee and gave me the ring. It was the last thing I expected, and of course, I said yes. The proposal couldn’t have been in a different place than in the middle of the snow because it was where we first met, and for us, there is nothing more beautiful than that landscape.

The Setting


Wedding Location

We are thrilled to share the story behind our choice of wedding venue: the enchanting San Sebastiano da Po Castle, located near Turin. Our decision to celebrate the most important day of our lives in this location was driven by a deep love for its decadent beauty and timeless charm.

From the moment we crossed the castle gates, we were captivated by its unique atmosphere. The ancient walls and adorned interiors transported us to a bygone era, giving us a sense of magic and romance. The castle’s decadent beauty made the choice even more special for us, as we sought a place that reflected our desire to blend the past and present into an unforgettable experience.

What made San Sebastiano da Po Castle the perfect choice is the feeling of being immersed in a small village, with every corner revealing wonderful views. From well-maintained gardens to evocative indoor spaces, every part of the castle seemed to tell a unique story. We envisioned our guests strolling through the courtyards, enjoying the beauty of the location, and creating lasting memories with us.


Speaking of the aesthetics and mood of our October wedding, we are excited to share the incredible work of our wedding planners. We completely entrusted them with their expertise and creativity, and the result was absolutely magnificent.

Considering the autumn period in which we chose to get married, the wedding planners devised an extraordinary design for flowers and decorations, using autumnal shades that made the castle even more magical. We collaborated with one of the most renowned florists in northern Italy, “Vertuani Fiori,” whose talent transformed every area of the castle into a dreamlike setting.

Autumnal flowers in delicate colors, mainly burgundy and yellow, created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This choice proved perfect as it beautifully integrated with the slightly weathered walls of the castle’s interiors and exteriors, adding a touch of elegance and romance. From the ceremony to the aperitif and to the wedding cake, every floral detail contributed to creating a true enchantment, transforming the castle into a scene with a slightly retro flavor.

The wedding planners crafted a perfect event for the location, developing the various moments of the day like within a medieval castle, guiding guests through all the important areas, including the marvelous garden and the greenhouse with its glass windows.


The preparation for our wedding was a truly special and intimate moment. Marco and I chose to get ready in two different rooms of the castle, surrounded by our closest friends and family, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.

In my room, I shared these precious moments with my bridesmaids, creating an even stronger bond with the people dear to me. Joy and enthusiasm were palpable as we helped each other put on our dresses, sharing laughs and toasts with a good Prosecco.

Meanwhile, Marco was getting ready in his room with his groomsmen, creating a moment of connection and camaraderie. They, too, shared moments of joy and excitement, creating precious memories that will stay with us forever.

One of the highlights of this time was when we all gathered on a beautiful terrace, enjoying a breathtaking view of the Piedmont hills. The view added a touch of magic to our preparation moment, creating a unique and unforgettable backdrop. Here, I wanted to give them a gift to remember and remind them of that special day: a small identical ring for each.

The Prosecco toast on that terrace was a moment of sharing and joy with the people closest to us, preparing us to face the most important day of our lives together. This experience made the wedding preparation a special chapter in our story, enriched by the love and company of the people we love the most.



We are extremely happy to have chosen Veronica Onofri as our wedding photographer. From the moment we saw her work, we fell in love with her timeless photos. In an era where many images are characterized by trendy colors and filters, Veronica’s photos seemed unique, timeless, and exactly what we desired.

The images captured by Veronica are exactly what we were looking for: natural and full of emotions. Each shot tells the story of our special day authentically and touchingly. Veronica’s ability to capture spontaneous and genuine moments made the photos a true treasure, immortalizing smiles, tears of joy, and every single emotion with extraordinary sensitivity.

Her skill in creating timeless images perfectly reflected our desire for memories that last forever. We are grateful for her talent and dedication in capturing every detail so authentically. Choosing Veronica Onofri as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding, and the result is a treasure trove of indelible memories that we will carry with us for a lifetime.



Style Notes


Ceremony Décor

Let us share the story of the ceremony. It took place in the beautiful church adjacent to the Castle, a stunning ancient church with a small square in front overlooking a picturesque countryside. Being very close to the castle, guests didn’t have to move their cars, making it very convenient for everyone.

Before the bride’s entrance, the father wanted to perform a Turkish ritual, the home country of the bride’s mother, by wrapping a red ribbon around his daughter’s waist as a good omen. It was a very emotional and scenic moment.

The church was adorned with flowers in warm hues, creating a visually stunning atmosphere.


Reception Décor

For the reception setup, during the aperitif, we chose not to have many flowers or ornaments as the beautiful lawn was already quite scenic. Moreover, there was a stunning greenhouse filled with plants that added a rich touch.

The reception concept aimed to recreate the ambiance of a small Italian village, with many refreshment points rich in Italian and Turkish delicacies. The dinner, on the other hand, took place indoors due to the cold weather, and it featured a unique touch: we selected dishes that held special significance for us as they were part of the new ceramic plate collection from the bride’s company.

Wedding Planner & Stylist

We completely entrusted ourselves to Francesca’s ideas because from the start, she understood what we wanted and the mood we envisioned for the wedding. She aimed to highlight the Italian history with the concept of a small village where guests could stroll, creating small refreshment corners with excellent food and other areas perfect for taking memorable photos.



For the flowers, we turned to Vertuani, a floral designer among the best in northern Italy, often working on Lake Como, and we fell in love with their taste, always elegant but never ordinary. We dared to ask for some autumnal colors, given the time of the wedding, and they managed to create breathtaking arrangements, never overdoing the colors and compositions but creating arrangements that perfectly matched the venue. The bouquet, as per tradition, was a gift from my future husband, made only of lilies of the valley, simple and white but with a dynamic shape. I loved it, especially for its magnificent scent that lasted all day.

The stationery was very understated, as the venue and flowers already had a lot of character. We chose Bordeaux-colored lettering to stay within the autumn theme on a light background.


We opted for simple and elegant invitations and church booklets since the castle and flowers were already quite elaborate. Therefore, we created Bordeaux lettering on a light background, these colors perfectly in line with the floral arrangements and the atmosphere of a sunny October. For the dinner, we wanted menus with Bordeaux lettering as well, but with a detail that reflected Turkey.



As for the cake, Marco insisted on having multiple tiers, also because you only get married once, and a multi-tiered cake is a unique opportunity. So, the cake moment was very scenic, rich in flowers, luminous fountains, and in this way, we opened the party.


Food & Beverages

For the aperitif and dinner, we chose the theme of the ‘village,’ so on the large lawn overlooking the Piedmont hills, we recreated stalls like in a small market, each stall having a specialty. The specialties to taste represented Piedmontese and Italian gastronomic culture but also Turkish, representing the bride’s origins. Being good Italians, we offered our guests all types of wine, from Piedmontese red to white, ending with excellent Prosecco, the best way to toast and celebrate.


Favors & Bonbonniere

As wedding favors, we chose small bottles of Amaro Camatti, a typical Italian bitter liqueur that our friends adore, providing both a cherished Italian memory for them and a taste of Italy for our Turkish relatives.

Fashion & Beauty Notes


Bride’s Dress & Shoes

I found my perfect dress at Idea Sposa, a high-end Italian tailor shop in Turin. I already had in mind the idea of a very long and voluminous skirt, a significant skirt, and I immediately fell in love with this very wide skirt with a beautiful train. Together we then found the suitable bodice, all in lace and with puffed sleeves.



As for the bridesmaids’ dresses, I wanted them to be free to choose the dresses they loved, without forcing them into anonymous dresses just to match. They agreed to be in a similar color palette.”the girls choosing a dark blue that perfectly complemented the autumn atmosphere. However, they opted for different dresses: some in solid colors and others with polka dots. This way, they felt comfortable and did not compromise their individuality and personality.


Flower Girls & Page Boys

The pageboys were three, two males, and one female. We had their outfits custom-made in a children’s store in Genoa called ‘Il Cortile,’ using a palette of colors that reflected the theme of the wedding, predominantly featuring the color ‘cardinal red.’ The groom also gave them headbands adorned with skier illustrations, ensuring that even on them, there was a small detail connecting to the world of skiing.


Wedding Rings, Jewelry & Accessories

I chose to incorporate only accessories that held special significance for me. I wore earrings given to me by Marco’s father, and another precious detail was sewn into the lining of my dress – a playing card that belonged to my grandmother.


Groom’s Attire

I’ve always been fond of tight gowns, and considering the location, the time, and how I envisioned an important and elegant dress for the bride, I decided it would be a great opportunity to wear one. The idea of personalizing the outfit was central to me, so I went to a renowned tailor in Genoa, ‘Bonino,’ and had a tie created with a texture reminiscent of snow and ice in the mountains. I also gifted my groomsmen and close relatives ties with the same texture. I used the same detail to create small gifts for Defne’s bridesmaids, presenting them with scarves the day before the wedding.

The Details



Regarding transportation, we chose San Sebastiano da Po Castle precisely because everything is close and convenient, and it also includes many beautiful rooms where we could accommodate our friends and family. Furthermore, the castle has a small chapel where we could get married without the need for additional travel, and the same goes for our guests. We believe that the success of a wedding also lies in not causing stress for the guests.



For our honeymoon, we chose a trip we had been dreaming of for a long time: Japan and Polynesia.

Japan was perfect when you have some time to spare and can enjoy all the landscapes and cities. It was beautiful, just as we had imagined. To relax after exploring so much, we went to Polynesia, and it’s exactly as we expected: a postcard-perfect landscape, the perfect place to unwind before returning to reality.

“We wanted to recreate the ambiance of a small Italian village, using no flowers or ornaments to allow for the beautiful lawn to be scenic.”

Wedding Songs

We chose them ourselves, but we selected many songs, especially dance ones, because for us, music and the DJ are crucial for the success of a party. The DJ was always with us, even during dinner, and between courses, we all got up to dance. During the aperitif and the cake cutting, we also hired a very talented saxophonist.


Our Contacts


Wedding Venue / Castello Di San Sebastiano Da Po

Wedding Stylist & Planner / Francesca Garrino

Photography / Veronica Onofri

Videography / Giorgio Gulmini

Bride’s Dress / Idea Sposa Torino

Flowergirls & Pageboys / Il Cortile Genova

Cake / Gerla 1927

Catering / Platti 1875


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