Celestial Ceilings

Inspired by the night sky, an infinite celestial canopy to draw the outdoors in

Drawn from the night sky, a natural and infinite celestial canopy of sparkling starlight and orb-like iridescent moons, look to lunar inspired lighting to draw the outdoors in, or to enhance an incredible open air setting.

Clustered en masse, classic lighting options (like lanterns and bare bulbs) take on an otherworldly aura when strung between festoon garlands or a canopy of fairylights. Mixing exotic spherical lanterns, each perforated with unique patterns, or the more celestial shape of a star, creates miniature galaxies, suspended overhead for a spectacular take on a starlit ceiling.

Grouped in magnificent numbers and in variegated heights,  a nuanced palette of pales blended with gold transforms the humble paper lantern into an unrecognisably elegant canopy. And for a more decadent indoor approach, look to crystal incarnations or mirroballs, for a magical take on twilight glamour.

Coming into their own once lit (and looking decidedly less magical by day) consider timing and placement, ensuring guests first impressions of such a space is revealed only after dark, once lit!



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