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Destination Wedding in Guatemala

Re-defining the complicated task of organising a destination wedding, Cesar & Adriana created an extraordinarily styled ceremony, spilling with romance and elegance. Exchanging vows in an archaic monastery, an enchanting arbour of wildly rustic wood & organic blooms woven between twigs, created a woodland feel.

Intricate pearlescent beading paired with long feminine sleeves and a lace train, Adriana’s gown romantically trailed behind her soft frame. A future heirloom, the smoky labradorite inspired stone sat in an oxidised silver band, giving a classic feel. Soft mauve flowers and contrasting ghost chairs sat beneath archaic stone walls at the dusk reception. Lavender & Eucalyptus crept up weather worn pillars, leading to an open roof, a soiree set beneath moon & candlelight…

Beautifully photographed by A Fist Full Of Bolts..

Our Story

Names / Adriana & Cesar

Wedding Date / February 20, 2016

Guest Numbers / 300

How we met…

Cesar and I went to high-school together. We were friends at an early age and share a group of friends. We hadn’t realised we were perfect for each other until after we both graduated from college in 2010– shortly after what was supposed to be a friendly backpacking trip after graduation in South America turned into the beginning of a life together.


Our Engagement Story…

We were living in New York at the time. It was winter and I had been offsite shooting for a couple of days working long hours at an event. I got home in the middle of the night and found Rafaeli- my other love and the sweetest dachshund in New York City, at my door step. Rafaeli is my sisters dog but Cesar knows I love her so much and had her over as a surprise. We opened a bottle of wine and had a cozy relaxing night together. The next morning, I wake up spooning Rafaeli and I see Cesar kneeling next to my bedside. I could see snow falling outside the window –I felt as though I was dreaming when he asked me to marry him. It was such an intimate and humble moment. I said yes!


Marriage to us means…

A lifetime of love, adventure, happiness and commitment. To grow together and always be there for each other.