About Adriana Morais

Feminist photographer Adriana Morais creates poetic and timeless photography inspired by impressionist painting, cinema, and travel. She specializes in intimate Weddings and Elopements across the world. Based in Europe (Portugal and Italy)

Behind The Brand

What draws you wedding photography?

It was a happy accident, I always liked to photograph. My whole family turns out to be connected to the arts. I studied Fine Arts and experimented with all areas of photography until the weddings came along. First I was a photographer’s assistant and later I started photographing the weddings of friends and friends of friends. I can’t imagine doing anything else, I may one day stop shooting weddings but if I had to bet I would say I will always do it.


How would you describe your photography style?

An editorial look with a documentary approach. I also describe myself as a feminist wedding photographer because equality and respect is fundamental to me, I feel this is also reflected in my work.


What inspires you creatively?

Everything! Literally, all my experiences, my life and what I saw end up influencing what I do. I am passionate about traveling, I love going to museums, seeing impressionist paintings, and cinema, seeing the sea, and walking in big cities. But I feel that for all the creative parts to sow seeds, it takes time. To be creative I need (we all need) time. When I stop, I always have the best ideas for work.


What is it that makes an image magical?

Authenticity, vulnerability, connection, and happiness. I feel more and more that the more we show ourselves, the more we open our doors, the more vulnerable and authentic we are, when we respect ourselves the happier we will be. In wedding photos and on the wedding day itself, this is critical. Wedding photography is a team effort so don’t be afraid to be and show who you are to me, and yours, the people who like you will accept you like this. A magical image is also our bond (photographer and couple) . I feel that when there is a connection between me and the couple and when I feel like a guest on the wedding day, everything flows better.


What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

Enjoying the photographer’s work (obvious, I know, but I had to say) and having a connection with the photographer. The photographer is the only one (along with the videographer) who will be with you the whole day of the wedding, always present, always very close to you (even if it’s a discreet person). See a complete gallery (not just Instagram images) and schedule a video conference. Photography (and video) is the only thing left after the wedding and its value increases over the years.


Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Right now I’m in love with Amangiri in Utah. How nature and architecture connect is super magical.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love them…

Where to even start… the composition, the light, but most of all the energy in Adriana’s images is what drew us to her work. There’s an innate passion for what she does that seeps from every frame. Her images blend fine art and photojournalism in the most magical way. 


For the couple…

Who want images that feel modern, soulful, artistic and most importantly unlike any other couple’s wedding album. Adriana will tell your personal story in the most authentic, creative way. 


Our Advice…

Adriana’s diverse skillset (from magical landscapes to intimate portraits and editorial frames) perfect for those considering a destination wedding, especially in Europe being based in beautiful Lisbon.