A Rambling Garden Reception in The Cotswolds

Looking beyond the expected, we find ourselves allured by ethereal corners of overlooked beauty. Amongst a tablescape of tousled linens and artful touches, a meadow of rambling blooms is reborn.

Just past the palatial allure of Cornwell Manor, hidden amongst their meandering grounds and gardens, lies a meadow spilling with cow parsley. 

Nothing allures us more than making use of surrounding flora by giving in to its unwieldy beauty. Notice how the chairs, the highest point of the design, still do not exceed wild blooms. This evokes a feeling of coherence, as if the table itself sprouted from the earth.  

Raw, tousled linens, milky cutlery, and slender ivory tapered candles dot the communal tablescape in neautral palettes, while dark detailing on the woven chairs adds a masculine touch to counter the softer elements, all without disrupting the equilibrium.

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“The only florals were the cow parsley, both surrounding the table and entwined within the tablescape. Poetic and immersive, a sea-like meadow unfolded.”

wedding venues cotswolds

Rebecca Marie & Studio Lark’s Styling Tips

  • Use native flowers and plants to enhance the setting, minimizing the need for additional decor.
  • Position your table where dappled sunlight filters through trees, adding a dreamy glow. Early morning or late afternoon light is perfect for capturing this effect.
  • Let simplicity reign. White minimalist vases and single stems of cow parsley maintained an understated elegance. Pair with raw linen tablecloths and neutral-toned napkins to enhance the earthy tones without overpowering the scene.
  • Introduce bold elements for visual interest. A black wooden table and chairs contrasted beautifully against white and green blooms. Choose one or two dominant colors to add depth without detracting from the natural aesthetic.
  • Seek out hidden gems within your wedding venue to transform into stunning backdrops.
wedding venues cotswolds



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