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About Alessandra Linoci Events

Alessandra Linoci Events is an Italy-based wedding planning and styling studio established in 2018 with the aim to create considered and atmospheric celebrations blending Alessandra’s professionalism and her creative soul. Perfectionist, creative, and romantic at heart, lead planner and Creative Director Alessandra has a strong background in organising international events across the globe, from Europe to Africa and the Middle East, before moving back to her homeland Italy.

Alessandra plans and styles soulful, chic destination weddings in the south of Italy, specifically in Puglia. With her personable, honest approach, she specialises in bringing to life immersive, memorable and intimate celebrations that feel intentional and authentic, while no detail is overlooked.

Behind The Brand

What’s your best piece of advice for wedding and event planning?

My number one piece of advice would be to embrace your own individual style, always. Many couples find wedding planning overwhelming because of what they think people expect from them instead of what they truly desire, or they often get confused with designs that are on-trend and their own personal taste and style. I strongly encourage you to identify your top priorities and values and work towards including unique, personalised elements into your celebration to create the most heartfelt, authentic, and warm experience. Not only will you enjoy the planning process more, but you will delight your loved ones with unexpected, considered details and help them deep dive into your story during those precious moments.


How does the process of wedding planning work?

My process starts with an initial consultation with the couple. When we get to know each other a little bit, this is such a crucial moment for me as that’s the point where there’s that “click” that brings us closer. I ask the couple to tell me something about them and their story, and we chat about their vision for the day, their priorities, and the things they love that make them feel more themselves. This first meeting is followed by a bespoke proposal where I outline the type of support I can provide them.

Once the plan of action is set, we start a close collaboration to identify their unique and personal narrative and style, and I guide them through the planning path step by step. We create the wedding experience together as a team through an intentional selection of vendors, meticulous logistical planning, considered visual details and creative solutions.

Specialising in destination weddings, I like to keep the communication with my couples smooth and efficient by creating a dedicated platform for us to share all the important information, from quotations to timelines, images and visuals. In this way, they can always have a look at the progress made or check things easily and quickly despite any time difference. We also have multiple video calls, unlimited email exchanges and often we organise a trip to Italy where we meet for a venue walkthrough together, have tastings, trials and all the needed meetings with the suppliers.

As a wedding planner, I will be there to listen to my clients, advise them, provide solutions, be their focal point and make sure not only does their day come together brilliantly, but without unneeded stress for them. I work closely and comfortably with my couples as it’s necessary for me that they feel completely understood and that we build a relationship of trust and mutual respect. A solid team is fundamental to achieve a successful event.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

Everything from the pretty to the nitty-gritty! I can manage the whole process for my couples or I can step in to help them part-way through, or at any stage of the wedding planning journey. From day one until the day of the wedding, I manage all aspects of the event, creating the look and the feel of their wedding day, designing and defining a tailor-made project in line with my couple’s vision and wishes. I help them select the perfect location and their dream vendors, I put together an ad hoc team of professionals that I personally coordinate to make sure that everything is executed to perfection. I often help in optimizing costs and support them in establishing the budget. I can also assist with organising additional activities during their wedding weekend such as a pre-wedding get-together or farewell brunches and so on.

I am literally there for my couples every step of the way to make the planning process as easy and seamless as possible.


How would you describe your style when it comes to your products and services?

Modernly romantic, atmospheric, soulful. I love to mix classics with trends to create something timeless yet fresh. I am all about high-end simplicity and chic, effortlessly elegant celebrations that evoke feelings within my couples and their guests. I believe in creating a holistic experience by tickling all the five human senses and pampering every single participant with meaningful details.

Authenticity is always my priority, I love to shape the unique narrative of the couples I work with, and tell their story by enhancing the beauty of the space they have chosen for their destination wedding in Puglia, while still respecting the setting’s nature and history.

I have a very personable approach, that is why I work well with couples who desire a heartfelt and meaningful celebration infused with authenticity. I always go above and beyond on every event I step into and I take pride in forming real, lasting relationships with my clients and the professionals I team up with. Being a former bride myself, I know how important is to be listened to and understood by the people you put all your trust in, and since the first day I have chosen this job, empathy has been my main goal and trademark. I’ll tell you more, ALE is not only the acronym of Alessandra Linoci Events but it is also my nickname that my friends and family have called me since I was a child. It’s what all my clients end up calling me during our journey together too, and I love it.


What advice would you give couples when deciding on a mood or style for their wedding?

Firstly, listen to yourself and decide what truly matters most to your celebration. Have an honest conversation with your planners and stylists, then trust them and always remember the reason why you decided to team up with them. Let the ideas flow, embark on the creative journey with an open mind, and give your vendors creative freedom, let them surprise you!

Many couples think they need a theme for their wedding. Instead, I am a firm believer that all you need for your day is energy and soul, and the unique blend of your individual personalities.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Considered, romantic and elegant in her approach to planning and styling, we love Alessandra’s dreamy events and her dedication to producing authentic, inimitable experiences for her couples.


For the couple…

Looking to wed in Puglia or Italy’s southern region, who are drawn to events steeped in modern romance that spill with thoughtful, sensory details.


Editor’s Tips…

Consider more than just the visual aspects of your wedding. Think of each of the senses and how planning with these in mind can transform your celebration into something utterly transportive. Work closely with Alessandra to create a menu that tantalizes with flavour, a playlist that evokes a mood and ambience, a signature scent using candles, oils or incense, and textures that feel luxurious to the touch. Each aspect will assist in telling your love story while also sparking memories well into the future.