About Allegory Events

We plan bespoke, authentic, and expressive weddings throughout the UK and Europe with a laid-back luxury aesthetic. Using a unique process of getting to know you, we'll design a mesmerizing celebration that embraces your unique and individual style. So whether your preference is for a minimalist, organic, luxury, or culturally sensitive design, we will help plan a day that looks as good as it feels. Too many couples are struggling with knowing where to start - how to find the right suppliers, the right venue, or even the right country to get married in. Finding ways to break away from cookie-cutter weddings is getting harder with such tight algorithms, and the demands on your time to put together a full-scale production are just too much. We promise to help you plan a celebration that’s as stunning as it is meaningful, so you can revel with your closest family and friends. We want you to experience those moments of magic and deeper connection throughout the day. And we promise to make the journey unforgettable.

Behind The Brand


What’s your best piece of advice for wedding and event planning?

Wedding planning is such a journey and one that should bring joy. For me, it’s an intimate, connecting, personal and fun experience where your planner should feel like an extension of you and your partner. So my best piece of advice is to build the right team, and trust your gut when you’ve found them. Yes, a planner’s primary task is to be all over the logistics, but, demand more. Demand a team that intuitively get you, a team that understands you don’t want to apologize for wanting more than chair covers and a string of fairy lights, a team that listens intently, that allows you to revel in the detail, that see the magic in your vision and embellish it rather than stifle it. Most importantly, build a team that positively encourages you as a couple to create a wedding full to the brim of meaningful details that sweep you and your guests up in your story. I can wholeheartedly say that’s the experience I want my couples to have, so don’t be afraid to trust your intuitive powers to find the right fit.


Do you travel interstate/worldwide?

Yes I do! I call the UK home, and travel country-wide. I love to work with multicultural clients to create unique celebrations that blend cultures and traditions, so many of my weddings take place in Italy, Greece & Cyprus. As part of a worldwide network of planners, I have access to a lot of information and suppliers around the globe, so don’t be afraid to get in touch if you’d like to get married further afield.


How does the process of wedding planning work?

In our first face-to-face meeting, you get to tell me exactly where you are in your wedding planning journey, what you’re loving, what you’re hating, and what you need help with. After I’ve sent you a bespoke proposal, and we’ve decided we’d like to work together, the business of getting to know you begins! Using a unique process that enables you to take on a fresh perspective when it comes to your wedding design, I’ll ask the questions you’d never think to ask to tease out what defines you as a couple, your relationship, your values and your personalities. The design process is a partnership – we’ll spend time together understanding the elements of what you envision, how you want to feel, what you want your guests to remember and deliver a style guide that details recommendations for your perfect day (or weekend). Then we’ll go about selecting preferred suppliers to bring this vision to life. After that, you can leave all the communications and logistics to me.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

On a practical level, I help with all elements of the wedding, especially if we start together from the very beginning. From concept development to supplier recommendations, there isn’t much about a wedding that I don’t get involved with. But really, the value of a wedding planner truly lies in the understanding of how to create a day of connection that surpasses all your expectations. It’s the precision of planning combined with a personalized aesthetic that transforms your wedding from ‘great’ to ‘mesmerizing’ with magical moments you’ll never forget. It’s bypassing overwhelm and eliminating decision fatigue. It’s reclaiming time and having someone to unload fears and excitement too. It’s working with someone who really listens, who’s bride and groom oriented, supportive, trustworthy, and honest. It’s about working with the best and keeping to deadlines. Like I said before, it’s a journey, and it ought to bring joy. You should expect nothing less for yours.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it…

With a background in luxury travel, Frances’ artistic and discerning eye for detail is evident in every wedding she coordinates. Frances artfully tailors her ceremonies to each couple she works with, placing their story at the heart of every decision she makes – crafting powerful visual aesthetics spilling with authentic sentiment.


For the couple…

Looking for an experienced wedding planner that offers effortless coordination along with luxurious styling and design services under the one umbrella. Removing any logistical anxieties from the equation, Frances effortlessly coordinates a beautifully cohesive aesthetic across every fine detail – letting her couples relax and focus on the most important element of any wedding – connection.


Styling tips…

Put your trust in Frances to coordinate your wedding day and handle everything on your behalf. Give her the creative freedom to weave in unexpected touches for an impactful ceremony that lingers with you long after the celebrations are over.