About Ashi Studio

Mr. Ashi is a maestro of materials, a sculptor crafting sublime spaces, conjuring timeless designs that transcend couture into an art form. With a deep romanticism, his creations breathe fresh vitality into the very essence of couture, rooted in the most exclusive savoir faire, a mastery of proportions, and an unwavering pursuit of purity in every contour. This engenders a thoroughly modern yet paradoxically minimalist and baroque signature, a unique fusion that defines Ashi Studio's truly distinctive style. This exquisite blend has garnered a devoted following among an elite, international, and aristocratic clientele, counting luminaries like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Emmanuelle Béart among its admirers.

For nearly a decade, Ashi Studio has unveiled its couture, bridal, and capsule collections in Paris, each season solidifying its singular imprint on the fashion landscape.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it… 

Masters of modernity Ashi Studio’s poetic designs transcend time. Each of their visionary collections is an ode to the female form, dripping with intricate handcrafted details and bold embellishments. Clean architectural shapes and angular lines collide with a soft simplicity.


For the woman…

Designed for the extraordinary, Ashi Studio’s gowns are rebelliously dizzying and made for the bold modern bride wanting to have lasting impact.


Styling tips…

Ashi Studios designs require little styling. Wear your hair pulled back and let the dress do the rest.