Caruso, A Belmond Hotel

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About Caruso, A Belmond Hotel

A heavenly retreat between sea and sky. Set on a cliff edge 1,000ft above sea level, Caruso, A Belmond Hotel is your private balcony over the Amalfi Coast.

This former 11th-century palace boasts all the worldly luxuries anyone could desire. Marbled hallways lead to rooms brimming with antiques and paintings by old masters. Cascading down the mountain, past lemon groves and olive vines, is Ravello, the mesmerising ‘city of music’. Paradise, found.

Behind The Brand

Your best advice for honeymoon/vacation planning?

Exceptional moments spent together are what a honeymoon is all about. At Belmond Hotel Caruso, we want our clients’ experience to be full of unforgettable experiences and a favorite among our guests is our chef’s table. Just imagine a table for two in our gardens, a sensational menu designed by our chef and the sun slowly setting over the Amalfi Coast, just in front of your eyes.


What can couples expect to see and experience when staying at Belmond Hotel Caruso?

Belmond Hotel Caruso allows you to enjoy a secluded location, combined with easy access to all of the beauty along the Amalfi Coast.

Ravello, the town which inspired Richard Wagner and a favorite holiday destination for Jacqueline Kennedy, is set on a balcony over the Amalfi Coast, allowing for exceptional views. Amalfi and Positano are just a short, comfortable ride away with our courtesy shuttle and can be explored with our courtesy boat excursions.

We always recommend a trip to Cetara, one of the charming villages that dotted on the coastline. It is an authentic fishing village, where time stands still and life follows the rhythms of ancient traditions. It is well-known for being the home of colatura di alici, a typical anchovy sauce, which can be tasted at its best with spaghetti (not to be missed at our Belvedere Restaurant).

And after exploring the coast, it’s time to chill out at the hotel, either by the iconic infinity pool, with a stroll in the Italian gardens, or with a drink at the bar. The view of the coast below with make it all even more romantic.


What advice do you have in terms of packing for Belmond Hotel Caruso?

Don’t forget a swimsuit. You won’t resist taking a plunge in our infinity pool. You’ll literary feel like floating between sea and sky.


What’s the best time of year to visit Belmond Hotel Caruso?

September and October, when the Amalfi Coast is quieter and the South Italian weather is still warm and pleasant.


Describe a perfect day when staying at Belmond Hotel Caruso?

Be up at sunrise to experience one of the most memorable spectacles you’ll ever see! The sun slowly rising from behind the mountains and covering the coast below in a veil of beautiful, dewy light. Take a seat on your terrace and enjoy our curated breakfast in total privacy.

The Amalfi Coast is best enjoyed by boat to truly discover the beauty of its landscapes and the charm of its small villages scattered along the coast. Decide whether you’ll take our complimentary boat tour from Amalfi to Positano or if you wish to design a special tour just for yourself and your companion.

Once you’re back at the hotel, get ready to savor more of the delicious flavors from our region. Take a seat at our newly renovated Pool Snack Bar, admire the view, and try one of the delicious gourmet pizzas by our pizzaiolo, Marco. After lunch, pick your favorite lounger and relax by our iconic infinity pool – we guarantee you’ll never want to leave.

Sunrise may be stunning, but the colors at sunset are just as beautiful. On your way to your room, stop by our Arcade Bar and meet Tommaso, the head barman, who will make you one of the best cocktails-with-a-view you’ve ever tasted, then make sure to reserve a special table at the Belvedere restaurant for a romantic dinner or surprise your beloved with a private dinner in the gardens.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

The views here are spellbinding and profound, stretching out across the inimitable coastline. This property is romance encapsulated, a dreamy and luxurious escape perfect for both events and vacations.


For the couple…

Looking to immerse themselves in the magic of the Amalfi Coast but want to avoid the crowds in downtown Amalfi and Positano, as Ravello is a little quieter. With its timeless furnishings, antique artworks, verdant gardens, delectable eats, and an endless infinity pool that spills out into the sky, Belmond Hotel Caruso is a heavenly retreat for lovers looking for romance in all its forms.


Packing tips…

A fashionable and effervescent corner of the globe, style is a part of the travel experience here, so have a little fun with your wardrobe. Pack pieces that are effortless, chic, yet comfortable to explore in (as well as eat an abundance of pasta in!) that can be dressed up or down with playful accessories. Take your creative cue from Slim Aarons and document your adventures with a decent camera – a compact mirrorless or vintage film camera is a must.