About Borgo Stomennano

Fine wedding, wine & hospitality in Tuscany. Borgo Stomennano has been in the owner’s family for centuries, since the 1700's. It is with great pride and joy that Niccolò, Niccoletta, Luisa and Matteo open their door to visitors seeking to explore this picturesque and culturally rich corner of Tuscany.

Borgo Stomennano is included in the list of National Historical Buildings, surrounded by woods, vineyards and olive groves, and with its final transformation in 1700 was converted into the holiday residence it remains to this day.

The Italian garden is perfect spot for ceremonies, followed by cocktails overviewing the sunset on top of Monteriggioni. A graceful and elegant dinner can be enjoyed under lights hanging from the trees. Now it’s time to cut the cake, what could be better than by the infinity pool facing the vineyards and rolling hills? You can keep dancing till the sunrise comes.