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About Bring Me Somewhere Nice

Dani Rodriguez, originally from Spain now living in Berlin, Germany for the past 14 years, is an editorial photographer who documents weddings and elopements worldwide. Dani's approach is to photograph weddings in a modern way with a minimal and elegant flair. With a focus on aesthetics and emotions, couples are drawn to his genuine and unique aesthetics. 

During his studies in documentary photography in Barcelona Dani discovered the great masters of 20th-century photography; one of his sources of inspiration. Together with his passion for architecture, minimalist design and the Nouvelle Vague, they have helped him carve his own unique aesthetic stamped in artful authenticity.

Bring Me Somewhere Nice, the name chosen for Dani's wedding work, was inspired by a Mogwai song, one of his favourite bands. A place where Dani imagined he would like to take you with your memories.

Behind The Brand

How would you describe your photography style?

Modern, elegant, minimalist. I studied documentary photography, where I discovered the great masters of 20th-century photography. That is one of my source of inspiration, along with movies, modern architecture and minimalist design. I do my best to have my own personal style, and not follow the trends, in order to offer something unique for my couples.


What is it that makes an image magical?

Candid moments of a couple having the time of their life on their wedding day surrounded by their loved ones. Those images are very valuable to me, and above all, to the couple. Those special hugs between them, I pay a lot of attention to those moments. On the other hand, I also love portraits and to create something modern and sophisticated for couples.


What advice would you give to the camera-shy couple?

Couples usually feel comfortable in front of the camera with me. We will have already met and talked a lot before the wedding. I always have some music with me and do my best to make them feel at ease so we all can have a good time. I don’t ask them to pose, I don’t like posing and I don’t like to force anything. I prefer to do something dynamic, and make them feel like stars. Because they are the stars for me at that moment.

Trust your photographer, he/she knows what he is doing. Be you, you are gorgeous in many ways and you deserve beautiful photos.


Do you travel interstate or internationally?

I am so fortunate to have worked on many international weddings. I have photographed in Egypt, Greece, Armenia, Italy, Switzerland, Canada… Next year I will be in London, Austria, New York, Switzerland, Mexico and more…I’m very excited for all this. That being said, I also love to photograph in my city, Berlin.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Moody, artistic, elegant – Dani’s cinematic captures are design and detail-focused yet emanate truthful, palpable emotion. A rare talent we’re so grateful to have stumbled across.


For the couple…

For culture and design lovers who embrace the creative and the soulful in every aspect of their lives. Those who love artful, atmospheric photography will adore Dani’s aesthetic.


Editor’s Tip…

While Dani will beautifully capture any style of wedding, his eye for shooting minimal, modern or unexpected details is incredible. Choose a simple yet luxuriously constructed gown and couple with a pared-back approach to beauty and accessories. Consider shape, form and lighting when styling your reception and how this will translate within the imagery.