About Casi Yost

I think wedding photography should represent the day as it is. Human connection in itself is one of the most fleeting and intangible aspects of our lives - yet, when it is documented, it is the most magical and beautiful thing to capture. Using a combination of film as well as digital photography captures this essence in a very real and tangible way.

I approach the wedding day from my couples' heart and eyes - what would be important to them to reflect on? What are the memories that they might wish they could re-live? I believe in capturing the candid moments over the posed, and the authenticity and reality instead of just pretty pictures.

Behind The Brand


What draws you to wedding photography?

It is the one medium that I can provide an artform that deeply impacts a group of people for generations, and merge my love of fashion and film together. There is something so unique about the challenge of capturing a compelling photo that tells a story in a situation in which you aren’t able to re-create or redo. You just try to use your perspective, paired with your understanding of which relationships are important to your couple, and watch for something extraordinary to happen. I love that my couples appreciate and connect with this perspective and value the same things as me.


How would you describe your photography style?

I feel like I am dead center between documentary, film, and editorial. I appreciate each of those genres of photographer and try to dance between each when it is appropriate through the wedding day. I think the colors and day need to be captured the way they look, using the colors that were true to the human eye, but I also want to provide some editorial and high fashion shots.


What inspires you creatively?

Any art form that makes me feel something or transports me into another world or mindset. I deeply appreciate the work that goes into creating and the perspective those artists have. My earliest ventures into art are in painting and drawing, which I spend time in my off season working on and allows me to have a refreshed perspective going back into photography. I also find that I become inspired by the chaos, love and fashion of a wedding day – it is exciting to me that there is the possibility for a unique composition to be created while also having it be something that can never be repeated.


What is it that makes an image magical?

It depends on who is looking at the image and what connection they have to it, however I think it can be boiled down to two things: Emotion and composition. The emotion of the people or overall feeling of the image is what we connect to as humans, but the artistic component is how it is composed. Deciding when is the most opportune time to snap the photo, where to stand, and which lens and camera to use all add to the magic.


What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

Going with your gut is so important. Do you connect with their work first? I would look through their galleries and if you can imagine yourself in those images. If they align with your vision, then connect with them and talk face to face or via a phone call. If they feel like a good fit and you can imagine them spending the day with you and feel comfortable, then go for it. Your photographer is part of such intimate parts of your day. You want to feel confident and comfortable with them there.


Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

I loved my time in the French countryside and will take any opportunity to go back. I also have always wanted to go to New Zealand and venues on the East Coast. Timeless and unique venues that allow couples to tell their stories will always have a place in my heart.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Casi…

Editorial photographer Casi Yost’s artful images are a melodic collision of documentary, cinema and fashion. Soft yet powerful, every frame evokes a sense of nostalgia and invites an emotional connection in viewers, even when they don’t know the people being captured.

For the couple…

Perfect for the couple who appreciates the timeless, slow artform of analogue film, combined with more modern digital aesthetics in their visuals.


Our advice…

When reviewing a photographer’s portfolio, find the powerful compositions, beautiful lighting and visible human emotion that stops you in your tracks. Work out what resonates with you and you’ll know how you’d like your own story told.