About Danila Stella Events

I am Danila Stella, born and educated in Milan, the Italian capital of fashion and design. Currently living between the bustling heart of Milan and the cosmopolitan energy of London, navigating the eternal debate between a Cappuccino con Cornetto or a Full English. Born a planner and evolved into an award-winning designer due to my natural instinct to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary events. I love creating stunning settings that convey authenticity, placing you and your guests at the center of the celebration. I believe that nature, elevated and embodied in minimal slow luxury, is the design essence the wedding industry craves.

Behind The Brand

What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

My journey into the world of events began during university almost by chance, with occasional collaborations that gradually escalated as agencies passed my name around as a freelance professional. Upon graduating, I ventured to London to work for a luxury multinational in the fashion and accessories sector, which interestingly later shifted me into the events department. It’s often said that others recognize your talent before you do, and I can affirm that this was true in my case.

Upon returning to Italy, I joined a program at a prominent Italian company for future managers, but quickly realized that wasn’t my calling. While I consistently excelled in the events sphere, feeling neither tired nor demotivated, the corporate environment left me frequently fatigued and out of place. It wasn’t me seeking the events sector; it was the events sector seeking me. Despite my initial hesitation and exploration of other paths, the calling of events persisted, and the trains kept passing, patiently waiting for me to hop on. Eventually, I boarded one such train and founded my own event planning agency in 2017.

However, I soon realized that mere planning wasn’t enough for me. I yearned to create a unique design for my clients, avoiding well-trodden paths. Consequently, I established the design division, where I follow my instincts and embrace a minimal and botanical aesthetic that unites my passion for harmonious beauty and my personal values of environmental respect.

What services do you offer couples?

Both planning and design, from the very start, looking for the perfect venue around the world.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Minimal and botanical.

My personal touch always involves seeking harmony in the elements, seamlessly integrating decorations with the environment and venue, which becomes an integral part of the event design. The design must reflect the personalities of the couple, who remain the focal point of the day, and the surrounding harmony should serve as a stunning backdrop for both guests and the emotions everyone will experience that day. For me, wedding design is a delicate balance between the venue, the desired atmosphere, and the memories to be created.

Decorations should never overpower the venue or the protagonist, you, your guests and the feeling. A meticulous research is essential to convey the exact spirit and soul of the event. Sometimes, a small change in perspective, a table in an unconventional spot, or a ceremony in an unexpected location is all it takes to make everything unique and evoke a wow effect. My talent lies in seeing the same ingredients that everyone else sees but creating a recipe with a flavor never tasted before.

On this note, I have an anecdote. When I lived in London and shared a house with flatmates, one of them was a photographer. One day, returning home, she said, “I told a colleague today that I couldn’t wait to get home and see how you’ve modified it because you always manage to make spaces beautiful and functional that I used to dislike. Indeed, for me, balance and beauty were an obsession, so sometimes, simply rearranging furniture without adding anything could create a more spacious or aesthetically harmonious and pleasing space. The same fixation guides my work when designing event spaces.

As a planner or stylist, what are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?

Drawing inspiration from the interior design of ultimate high end hotels worldwide, I love to design events blending the timeless elegance of lavish minimalism with the ethereal allure of botanical wonders.

What would you like to see less of?

What I observe while working in luxury events is that it requires very little effort to consider the environment in our decision-making process. The amount of waste generated by the event industry is simply unbelievable. Opting for an excellent catering service that uses local ingredients or choosing paper or ceramic over plastic is a simple choice, but sometimes couples fail to connect the dots between the decorations and the joy of a single day and the pollution that will persist for hundreds of years. That’s why having a planner with an eco-friendly approach is crucial.

It doesn’t mean compromising on quality, beauty, or increasing the budget; rather, it means being more thoughtful and respectful toward our planet – a new world with no guidelines for couples who may not be aware of all the behind-the-scenes details. I genuinely hope to see less waste in an industry where emotions and beauty matter, and they should matter more than material things.

A styling/planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?

Certainly, one key piece of advice is to engage with a planner from the very beginning, specifically during the venue search. While it’s true that any location can be transformed, in terms of setup, if the essence of the place is right, a well-thought-out design is all it takes to make it astonishing. On the other hand, altering the structure and soul of the venue requires exorbitant budgets and an infinite waste of decorations and materials.

Especially in destination weddings, where couples and their guests travel to enchanting locations for their special day, it’s imperative to choose a venue that alone creates a memorable experience. There’s no point in journeying to the other side of the world only to craft an artificial atmosphere that could have been conveniently achieved closer to home. The essence of the location, local culture, architecture, and the scenic views must be integral to your event, with decorations serving as the finishing touch, not the foundation of the event.

For me, the foundation should always remain the couple, the guests, the overall experience, the emotions, and the memories. This is precisely why I founded my own brand in contrast to the trend of excess and ubiquity often seen in the industry.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

The visionary behind all of our favorite European weddings, Danila Stella is an Italian wedding planner and stylist we recommend in a heart beat. One of those talents that operate from both sides of the brain – meticulously organized with logistics, yet wildly creative. Danila’s style is full of the beautiful balance and contrast we crave – impeccably elegant yet effortless and organic. Opulent and spilling with revelry, but never over-the-top.

For the couple…

Who wants an Italian wedding planner and stylist who just completely gets their aesthetic. For those who can bring to life their dream European wedding through elevated styling and a beautiful curated experience for you and your guests.

Styling tips…

Check out Danila’s work behind one of our favorite Italian weddings here, and this stunning ethereal tablescape to see her magic for yourself.