Jessica McCormack

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About Jessica McCormack

Jessica McCormack designs exceptional diamond jewellery for the modern woman, creating heirlooms for future generations. Her workshop at 7 Carlos Place, London, reimagines a forgotten era of luxury in the most breathtakingly beautiful way, where clients are inspired to curate their own collections to reflect their unique personal style.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Elegance encapsulated in jewelry design, we love how Jessica McCormack melds tradition with modernity. We’re enraptured by her eye for selecting the most decadent and quality diamonds and her insightful approach to crafting pieces that hold purpose, meaning. There’s something that runs deeper than the aesthetic alone within her work.


For the couple…

Seeking luxurious pieces crafted from exquisite gems encased in artistically designed settings. For couples also looking to create truly unique and head-turning heirloom designs via Jessica McCormack’s bespoke service.


Styling tips…

We’re enamored by the unexpected yet timeless design of the Tilted Pear Diamond Button Back Ring. Pair with the sleekly simple Round Wire wedding band to let the pear diamond take centre stage.