Lelia Scarfiotti

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About Lelia Scarfiotti

I am always looking for raw emotions, true magic and the moments in between. Be sure that I will take you out there, for an adventure…just to be in the wild whatever the weather is. I wish I was a poet…but I’ve never been good with words. Photography it’s the only language I know, the way I see the world and all the small things that make every day so incredible.

Behind The Brand

Your best piece of advice for event planning?

Be yourself and do what you like, don’t try to please other people. It’s your day and you should be able to celebrate the way you want. No trends, no fashions, no Pinterest. Just YOU.


What was the spark for your brand? Where did the story begin?

I needed a way to bring my internal world outside and I am able to do it through photography


What inspires you creatively?

Beauty, Poetry, music, art, interesting people, dreams. Mostly words & emotions that I can transform into images.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

The Egyptian desert where I could sleep under the stars?


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Reading a book, walking barefoot in the garden, listening to the rain, talking to the moon.


A favorite quote?

“How can I have been any one other than me?” – Dave Matthews Band