About Little Company

Nestled in the back streets of Collingwood and Byron Bay are two unique beauty spaces where you can pause, rest, reset and nourish your whole self, all while treating your skin. Little Company offers a focused approach to our body's largest organ, the skin, ensuring that your wellness journey extends not only to what you ingest but also to what you apply on your skin. Therapies range from deeply meditative and nourishing to repairing, remedial and targeted. At Little Company, beauty is not made but cultivated through how we live, what we eat, and how we think.

Behind The Brand

What type of experiences do you offer?

Your little company experience is about more than just your skin – it’s a unique skincare and treatment experience to recalibrate your mind, body, and heart. We offer facials and customised bridal packages, which fall under two categories: ‘Remedy’ or ‘Ritual’. We also offer LED Light Therapy, Living Skin Consultations, Nano Fusion, Pregnancy Facials and Massages, and Lash Tinting.

Remedy is a detailed and personalised facial designed to leave you feeling supported and empowered to practice and prioritise your skincare routine leading up to your big day. Our Remedy facials are tailored to support your unique Living Skin type. Perfect for those that have targeted skin concern/s they wish to address prior to the wedding.

Our Ritual facials are a unique treatment experience to recalibrate much more than just your skin. Using numerous massage techniques, our Ritual facial experience is the time and space you need to soothe your stresses and renew yourself – allowing you to step back from the demands of your daily life.

What would be your ideal bachelorette experience?

A full wellness day with my best girlfriends, followed by a nourishing and delicious meal. It would be about spending quality time with those I love while feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and connected.

Best time of year/day to experience your service?

You can experience Little Company all year round. We always recommend a seasonal facial to ensure your skin receives the support and nourishment it needs.

Advice to brides/bridesmaids when planning a bachelorette party?

Focus on what you want to experience with your friends and try not to make everyone else happy. This special time is for you – so celebrate that.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is a complete mind, body and heart connection. It’s about honouring yourself and taking the time to connect back to the present moment. It’s a fluid practice that evolves with you over time and throughout your life. It is not the same for everyone, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s yours to define and yours to embody.

What are your favorite beauty and wellness products and/or practices?

Since launching our Nano Fusion treatments, I have noticed an incredible improvement in my skin texture and appearance. It has really elevated my skin health and skin care. I also cannot overlook my meditation practice. I recently enrolled in a short meditation course, which has really improved my practice and helped with my stress. It’s been something to help soften the noise in my head and reconnect my mind, body, and heart.

What are your most popular products and/ or services?

Our Remedy and Ritual Facials are the most popular services, but we also cannot look past our LED Light Therapy. We are also so excited to have launched our Nano Fusion treatments as well as our Pregnancy Facials and Massage.

What advice do you give to brides in the lead up to their wedding day?

Remember that your wedding day is for you and your partner. Have fun and celebrate your love. Nothing else matters.



Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Little Company’s treatments are devouring sensory experiences. Crafting serene yet hypnotic moments that nurture through touch, texture, light, scent and sound, owner Stacey Burt and her team of highly skilled practitioners invite guests to slow down, quieten and relax.

For the woman…

Based in both Byron Bay and Melbourne, Little Company is perfect for wedding parties seeking a tranquil and soothing pre-wedding experience that enriches and prepares. Their deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatments are designed to make you glow from the inside out.

Beauty tips…

Book a wedding consultation and assessment to get the best plan for your unique skin.