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About Meggan Morimoto

Meggan Morimoto footwear challenges the notion that fashion necessarily forsakes comfort. Designed in Melbourne, ethically and sustainably handmade in Tuscany—each pair features a swathe of comfort features. Italian Nappa leathers, custom liners and lasts, and cushioning insoles help to minimise friction, ensure even weight distribution, and keep your feet blister-free. Premium materials ensure longevity, and detachable embellishments allow customisation—sleek, modern designs to be styled up and down. A beautifully stable, balanced shoe, without that all-too-common pressure on the balls of the feet. Loved on your wedding day, lived in for years to come.

Behind the Brand


What is your favourite kind of shoe to wear?

Always a tough question when you’re an avid shoe lover, but if I had to choose one, my personal go to is a sleek pointed toe mule. An effortless 50mm heel that can take you from day to night feeling chic and super comfortable is always a winner in my opinion. We’re very excited to share that we’re releasing our very first low heel collection in March 2024, we’ll be dropping styles that feature 30mm, 50mm and 75mm heel heights, so watch this space!


What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

The brand was actually born out of being a frustrated consumer trying to solve my own problem. Previously I was a business coach. I spent years dashing through airports and public speaking in high heels and did some serious damage to my feet. I grew tired of accepting that high heels came at the cost of pain and damage to my feet and set out to create high heels that combined comfort, style and quality equally.

I was incredibly fortunate to find mentors that believed in my vision and helped me navigate the famously inaccessible world of Italian designer footwear manufacturing. With their guidance, I made inroads and secured suppliers and factories and built an amazing team in Tuscany. I’m lucky to work with project managers and artisans who’ve been in the shoe game for generations – also working for the likes of Manolo, Gucci and Westwood to name a few. I’m living many little girls’ dreams, I must say!


How would you describe your aesthetic?

I don’t spontaneously or magically envision my shoes, or copy existing designs. I go through a creative process that produces something considered, precise and unique. A lot of my designs draw on a Japanese aesthetic philosophy called Wabi Sabi. “Wabi” more or less translates to simplicity, freshness and understated elegance, whilst “Sabi” refers to the beauty of imperfection. The idea that nothing is ever finished or perfect resonates with me. When we slow down our design process and embrace elements of imperfection, we can achieve another dimension of beauty. I focus a lot on combining blunt lines with feminine curves in my patterns to create asymmetry, texture and imbalance. Everything is considered, from the colour and weight of the lining, sole, heel shape and stitching, to the way all these elements combine visually.

In a way, I’m often not thinking about the end result, but the materials, embellishments and construction techniques I use to create something. I know the process is yielding results when I can connect to the shoe, and when it has meaning to me.


How does a shoe complete a wedding look?

To me, shoes are less an accessory and more an essential part of the wedding outfit. Your wedding day is arguably the most luxurious outfit you’ll ever wear on your body, so allowing room in the budget for a quality pair of shoes to dress your feet in is key to complimenting your wedding look. Your wedding day is a long day, often 10-12 hours on your feet, so style, quality and comfort really are key!

When finding the perfect wedding shoe to compliment effortlessly I recommend considering your outfit, jewellery, handbag, veil, hair style, make up, nails, and venue flooring; and how your shoes talk to all these elements and tie your whole look together. We always suggest looking for your wedding shoes as soon as your outfit is chosen and giving yourself plenty of time to find the perfect pair.


How can a bride be comfortable in her shoes on her wedding day without compromising style?

I might be biased, but by choosing Meggan Morimoto shoes of course! Choosing the right shoes will not only complete your wedding look but also impact the overall enjoyment of your day. Even if you only plan to wear shoes once, it’s worth investing in quality and comfort – or you’ll end up hobbling about with blisters or in pain. If possible, choose quality leather shoes, and steer clear of anything over 10 cm high, unless you wear them regularly. And I always recommend choosing something that you’ll wear again as it’s the most sustainable choice.


A styling/fashion tip to pair shoes with a wedding dress…

Firstly, stay true to your own personal preferences, whether you prefer a sandal, pumps, high heel, low heel … your wedding is not necessarily the day to try something completely new. Consider your venue’s flooring at the ceremony and reception. Are you getting married in a garden, on the beach, eloping at town hall? This affects what heel shape to choose… stilettos are perfect for your modern city wedding and a flared stiletto or block heel will keep you chic whilst stopping you sinking into the grass. If your dress is heavily embellished, go minimalist on your feet. If it’s modern and chic, play with a subtle statement shoe – our detachable embellishments are perfect for dressing your shoes up and down! Steer clear of ‘bling’ or ostentatious shoes if you’re wearing delicate lace; you don’t want them catching and tearing your dress. Once you’ve worked out your practical needs, it’s all about the style and comfort and a pair of Meggan Morimotos will take care of both!


Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Meggan Morimoto’s modern designs are a dance between luxurious comfort and stylish sophistication. A collision of sharp lines and feminine curves, each shoe is impeccably designed and meticulously handcrafted from premium materials, made to live beyond your wedding day.

For the bride…

For the contemporary bride after a considered chic look that doesn’t compromise comfort. They want something ethically made and high quality, designed to stand the test of time, wearable for years to come.

Our advice…

As Meggan says, you’ll want your location (for practical walking reasons) and your gown to inform your shoe direction. Make your styling uniquely you with the Melbourne brand’s detachable elegant embellishments.