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About Michael Hill

Michael Hill is a contemporary fine jeweller dedicated to crafting timeless pieces that mark life’s most meaningful moments. Emphasising inspired design, exceptional craftsmanship, and creativity, Michael Hill fuses enduring quality with modern style.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for beginning Michael Hill?

Michael Hill was established in 1979, in a small town in New Zealand. At the heart of the brand is a real-life love story, between Michael and Christine Hill. Together, through their labour of love, they opened the first Michael Hill store to pursue their dream of making fine jewellery accessible to all. Decades on, with over 200 stores across Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, Michael Hill have been privileged to play a role in thousands of meaningful moments.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Michael Hill pieces reflect a modern yet timeless style, with a focus on elegant forms that emphasise high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The collections feature a diverse array of designs to honour every bride’s personal style.

What inspires you creatively?

 “We find a lot of inspiration in how people dress and live. In looking at how fashion trends are shifting, we aim to offer the perfect blend of modern styles and timelessness that will endure. Our collections are always created with a dedication to craftsmanship and detailed design, which are so important when it comes to choosing your engagement ring, wedding or eternity band.” 

Maria Then, Michael Hill Design Director

What advice can you give to couples when shopping for their engagement ring?

“The most important thing to remember is that this is your lifetime piece. While trends can provide great inspiration, your ring should feel like a true reflection of you, and a timeless piece that you will love to wear always.

I always encourage couples to try on various styles to discover not only what suits their personal aesthetic, but also what feels natural on the hand. Remember to ask your jeweller about design possibilities. Many of our engagement rings can be tailored to your preferences, so you can choose the exact setting, carat weight, or shape you desire to create a ring that feels uniquely you.”

Maria Then, Michael Hill Design Director

What are you drawn to in wedding jewelry right now?

Laboratory-grown diamonds present an exciting space, allowing jewellers to explore scale and intricate cuts with greater accessibility.

Fancy cut stones are also in focus for us as a brand, as they offer a modern yet timeless way to tap into a unique look – from the more classic cuts such as oval to unexpected shapes like marquise and asscher. We recently unveiled our Signature High Jewellery Collection, which layers and juxtaposes fancy cut stones for an artful celebration of light refraction. The collection features dramatic silhouettes for the bride with refined style; as well as luxurious designs that are destined to become part of any statement collection.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Modernity meets timelessness in legacy fine jeweler Michael Hill’s engagement, bridal and lab-grown diamond collections. The Australian brand combines an extensive history of craftsmanship and quality materials with contemporary techniques to craft decadent glittering shapes.

For the bride…

Perfect for the sustainably-minded couple after modern, artful shapes, and statement jewelry.

Styling tips…

For a decadent and beautifully unique look, consider shapes and metals and stack your wedding rings to intimately reflect your very own story.