About Millefleur

Millefleur is a creative floral studio based in the South Cotswolds, England making unique and effortless floral spaces, inspired by the beauty of nature. Passionately committed to the use of seasonal flowers and sustainable techniques, they value each personal connection with clients, venues, and suppliers. Inspired by every conversation, they gather ideas to design beautifully artistic floral interiors that embody celebration and joy. 

Their botanical compositions can be described as wildly gestural, delicate, and feminine. They often use muted, nuanced tones with a naturalistic light-handed approach to the placement of each bloom. 

Behind The Brand

What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

As a small child I grew up in the sticks, deep in the countryside far from roads and other children. Enveloped in Mother Nature I amused myself playing in the woods and fields that surrounded us never happier than when I was snipping cow parsley stems. Often returning home with muddy bare feet and twigs in my hair.

Many years later, working with luxury fashion brands I flew weekly plane trips to direct design teams, creating endless collections and catwalk shows. My simple life and my love of nature were a distant yet fond memory. My husband and I moved away from the city when we decided to start a family, returning to the countryside that I cherished so much. However the pace of my dream job meant that the seasons seemed to turn so quickly I barely had time to notice the fresh paper white snowdrops of January or the bountiful golden yellow buttercups of May.

My work was wonderfully creative, but after many years of the relentless pace of fashion I decided it was time to make a dramatic change for my sanity and our young family. Calming my mind and focusing on what might make me happy again, I spent time amongst nature. Blissful amongst the dappled sunlight of autumns glow on copper willow branches and delighting in the particular shade of Eau de Nil lichen found in the tangled hedgerows. Days and weeks passed as I took time to experiment and play, using what surrounded me to study and learn. I soon realized that my many skills developed over the years were easily transferable.

I found enthusiasm and excitement again in the love that I’d left untended for too long. Wild and free, wrapped up in the admiration for nature, I had found what I am truly best at. I rarely think back on my days in the Ateliers, those are now a fond memory. Today the floral ideas just seam to flow like a stream of flowery consciousness through the rhythm of the seasons, with the sweet sound of bird song my soundtrack on repeat.

What services do you offer couples?

A bespoke design service for discerning couples looking for a natural yet curated look. We take the time to connect and listen to our clients and love providing inspirational sketches that are unique and breathe life into their chosen venues.
We also provide a styling service where clients can hire drapery, runners, napkins and handmade ceramics that we’ve carefully made or chosen to enhance the floristry we create.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

A dance between the untamed beauty of nature and the artfully designed. A kind of curated nature.

As a florist, what are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?

Locations and the first time we visit a new venue. Those extraordinary places where you have the opportunity to cultivate a fleeting atmosphere, that’s the beginning of the process for us.

What would you like to see less of?

Blue Peony’s in January, or in other words the use of imported, dyed and sprayed flowers. Nature’s abundance provides an endless combination of incredible flowers and foliage with each season. Subtle color combinations and divine textures, the possibilities to create are endless.
So to bleach or gaudily dye delicate flowers or import mass produced blooms makes me very frustrated. Nature is struggling because of us, it seams so arrogant to paint and spray over what is already complete perfection.

A styling/planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?

Visit your venue at the same time of year as your event. Ask your florist to attend and notice the seasonal changes in your surroundings. It may be the flowering branches of apple blossom or the twisted wisteria vines that wrapped themselves around a doorway which spark a design concept, or perhaps the way autumn sunlight falls on elm floor boards that enchant a location change for the ceremony. Your florist should be able to freeform to give you ideas as you explore each space together. Really listen to your suppliers as they have invaluable experience grained from a whole variety of venues and past clients. Give them the freedom to run with their ideas as an inspired designer will always give you their most beautiful work.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Honestly, what is not to love. With a wildly inimitable style of their own, Millefleur creates floral arrangements and installations that perfectly fuse drama and fragility. Drawing your eye over every twist and turn of a branch or stem, layered to create a bigger story, their work is truly something special. We also love that Millefleur uses seasonal blooms and sustainable techniques.

For the couple…

Drawn to the dramatic beauty and elegance of Millefleur’s style and want wildly unique wedding florals to punctuate a space or accent a gown, in the most unexpected ways. Based in the picturesque South Cotswolds, Millefleur is perfect for those planning a wedding in the UK or Europe.

Styling tips…

Give Millefleur a canvas to work with and plenty of details about your personal story and style, and then trust in this visionary creative studio to dream up and bring to life something unimaginable, yet so acutely suited to you.