About Monvieve

Monvieve meets the bridal world at the forefront of the fashion landscape. Founded in Designer RTW and Couture, Monvieve celebrates bridal as a composite of lifestyle, culture, and emotion and delivers deeply artistic and visually informed collections in support of the modern, high fashion bride.

Fully made by hand in Italy and France, the brand’s underlying philosophy is that a product must be highly original and transformative to resonate with a bride. Innovation starts with creativity and design, premised with a reverence for craft and technique. Straight off the couture runway, the headpiece collection reimagines horsehair and precious materials, while proprietary methods work historic laces with contemporary mediums. The heirloom veil collection also honors this sensibility as luxurious Chantilly, experimental techniques and old-world Italian craftsmanship make them not only today’s interpretation of modern elegance but timeless pieces of art meant to be passed through the generations.

Behind The Brand

Describe the woman you design for…

Like our collections, a Monvieve bride represents a sublime beauty that stands apart from the crowd.

Finding inspiration in an extremely discerning client that expects a certain savoir-vivre and exclusivity from her bridal attire, Monvieve was built around the idea of making available the bespoke techniques and heirloom collections that were originally developed for our couture clients.

The Monvieve bride has an acute sense of style and fully understands and appreciates heritage workmanship and fabrications. It is ultimately us who are greatly moved by these individual women who bring much to the table with their aesthetics, experience and effortless sense of style.


Do you offer a custom design service? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

Maintaining complete creative discretion to source, design, and manufacture with exclusive resources and master artisans, possibilities are endless and customization is a common request. Every piece is fully made to order, and a custom veil or headpiece usually requires 4-6 months to complete.


What is your most popular style for brides?

Our brides tend to have a fairly informed and elevated sense of style that transcends the trends. They look to us to personalize and ultimately evolve their bridal look with a singular accessory. And although we are known for our hand-worked intarsia techniques and colored laces, the most popular veils will always incorporate delicate ivories and if anything, introduce subtle, sophisticated shades of pale champagnes or the lightest of blushed tones.

Headpieces remain the road less chosen. And with veils, our cathedral length still reigns supreme.


What advice do you give to brides to care for their headpieces and veils?

Truly fine Chantilly, silks, and tulle do better without much intervention. Delicately spot clean and stay away from dry-cleaning chemicals if possible. Long-term storage is best done with an archival approach. Simply wrap your veil in acid-free tissue, place it in an acid-free and lignin-free box and then enclose it in an impermeable casing. Be sure to store it in a climate-controlled space…you’ll be set for generations to come.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Inimitability holds no bound for replica, Monvieve a direct synonym. Envisioned with authenticity and tailored by artisanal hands, we love the redefined truth of luxury for an understated contemporary bride with pieces that captivate with effortless memorability.


For the Bride…

Searching for a veil or unique headpiece with unspoken elegance, masterfully curated to become a treasured heirloom.


Styling Tips…

Be daring; let your veil be the hero of your celebration style. Pair cathedral length fine tulle with a gown of dignified simplicity, honoring delicate features with barely-there makeup juxtaposed by a statement lip in place of bold earrings. Veils need not be a last-minute add on, rather start here and curate your bridal style based on your chosen veil.