Tepee Sauvage

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About Tepee Sauvage

Tepee Sauvage is a floral studio created by Elena Borg. Specializing in weddings and events, located in Hossegor, the French California, but working everywhere, from Paris to Provence and more.

Besides being deeply in love with every flower, at the studio we are always looking for renewal, to create bespoke magic evolving with every season. Our identity is made of a warm palette, neutral tones, atypical fresh flowers, lots of dried flowers, and foraged foliages.

Behind The Brand


What was the spark for Tepee Sauvage? Where did your story begin?

After graduating in communications and graphic design, working in the fashion industry, and traveling around the world, it was time to find what passion would become my career. As my mother always told me, do something you will love for the rest of your life. I needed something that will be creative and different every day, I was not made for a computer job, as I love working outside and more importantly I always wanted my own company, working for me was the freedom I was looking for. After living in Australia for a year and a short trip to the Netherlands it came to me naturally, that I would be a floral designer (the funny fact is, before that I did not know anything about flowers!).


Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

Growing up in a creative family I’ve always been attracted to all sorts of beauty, in fashion magazines, in colors, in photography, and more recently in architecture and interior design. I mix those everyday inspirations with my constant walks with my dog in nature and passion for traveling. I love aesthetics and I’m always seeking beauty in everything.


What advice do you have for brides when choosing their wedding flowers?

Two things; first, be original, there is an endless combination of flowers and colors, don’t copy the last thing you saw on Pinterest even though it’s on-trend.

Second, choose a provider for their style and then trust them 100%, the work will be more spectacular.


What style of floristry and flowers are you loving at the moment?

As a young company, I feel like my style is evolving every day. I am actually mixing Australian inspirations with my Mediterranean roots, and I’m loving the dried/fresh mix for sure. But I’m also really attracted to modern and contemporary floral styling also.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it…

We love Elena’s contemporary take on floristry and the mixture of Meditteranean and Australian influence she brings to her work.


For the couple…

For the non-traditional couple who are looking for whimsical and romantic curated blooms and are open to mixing dried and fresh florals.


Styling tips…

Discuss your color scheme with Elena and then give her the creative freedom to deliver unexpected, bold arrangements.