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Elegance and Classicism – Sydney Wedding Photographer Jack Henry

An artist we love for his timelessly elegant and perpetually fashionable frames – we delve into the poetic captures of Sydney-based photographer, Jack Henry.

We’re forever searching for wedding photographers that intuitively distil moments of poetry – the rawness of emotion, the nuance of quiet glances and stolen kisses, the sartorial details and aesthetically alluring moments. Creatives who effortlessly depict the mood and style of a wedding, documenting the intricate, festive, and sentimental components that so beautifully weave the tapestry together.

Jack Henry is one of our newest discoveries – a Sydney based photographer with a long history shooting fashion and advertising across the globe, working with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Vogue, and Swarovski. With a background in classical drawing and oil painting, Jack imbues art into every frame he captures. An innate eye for balancing stylish detail with authentic expression, artistic composition and dreamy light – Jack Henry’s  frames pour with charisma and classicism.

Jack’s elegant images are steeped in modernity yet they feel timeless. And while his craft has been undeniably shaped by the world of fashion, it’s weddings that have ensnared his creative heart. Emotion, celebration, connection, revelry – on a soul level, these are what propel and inspire him. This, combined with his eye for shooting through a fashion lens, is his magic. The moments of poetry he so classically and artistically conveys.

“I don’t want to just capture the day as it is, I want to capture how it feels, the ‘outtakes’ and all the beautiful unscripted moments you wouldn’t have noticed as they happened.”

See more of Jack’s work on his website or via The Lane Directory.



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