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Self-care rituals, nourishing products and a tailored beauty regime… tools for cultivating radiant skin for your wedding day with Stacey Burt of Little Company.

Stacey Burt of beauty room Little Company follows the philosophy of ‘living skin’; treating skin as a living organ, nourishing it with natural ingredients from both the inside and out. Skin that is budding with radiance, cultivated on self-love and wellness rituals, naturally glowing from within.

Knowing all too well that an ever-flowing schedule of wedding planning can leave brides exhausted and stressed at the best of times, Stacey educates us on pausing, resetting and investing a little time to ourselves, giving us the essential tools to set yourself up for glowing skin come your wedding day.


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Invest in a Treatment Program

The goal is to help you get your skin in as best shape as possible ​so your makeup looks fantastic, stays in place, behaves as it should, and you need less of it. Start with a consultation ideally 3-6 months before your wedding day to develop a program that will that prep your skin for the big day. Knowing that good things take time, your treatment plan should include regular appointments as well instructions for at-home treatments tailored to your skin’s needs so that you can work consistently towards beautiful skin.

At Little Company, we do an initial consultation and tailor a facial to client’s skin needs within the first appointment, followed by careful planning of a 3-6 month treatment program to include a combination of facials, enzyme peels, LED and internals in the lead up to the wedding. LED ​is ​wonderful​ for getting glow and bounce back in the skin, and it ​will continue ​to feed the skin nutrients and encourage healthy skin from the inside out. I recommend doing a month course of LED light therapy 2-3 times per week in the lead up to your big day, and finish with our ‘A Little Warmth’ treatment which utilises the Sodashi Exclusive Thermal Infusing Mask, giving your skin an instant dose of vitamins and minerals for plump and radiant skin.

Develop a Beauty Regime

At home you will need to put in the work to support your treatment plan; a thorough morning and night time routine, and a weekly mini facial will help you to achieve your skin goals.

Everyone’s routine will be slightly different depending on their skin’s needs. During the day, ensure you have a hydrating moisturiser and SPF to help protect your skin; and for night time, a good cream or oil based cleanser to thoroughly clean skin, followed by an essential fatty acid rich face oil to nourish. Introduce LivOn Labs Lypo-spheric Vitamin C into your daily regime 1 month leading up to your wedding day to boost your skin’s plumpness.

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Use ‘Living Skin’ products

What’s important to distinguish first is what a natural product is. The term is unregulated and most products these days use the term ‘natural’ loosely. Opt to use products that we classify as ‘living skin’ products – products that utilise natural ingredients that the skin can receive and respond well to; ingredients you could essentially eat, safe enough to nourish your largest organ.

Practice Self-Care Rituals

Drink a lot of water with lemon and/ or chlorophyll and steer clear of known inflammatory foods. Thats #1. Nothing topical can be as effective as this foundational practice. From there, make your bathroom a place of ritual, take your time to perform a basic ritual at the bathroom mirror, light a candle or essential oil and perform gua sha or jade rolling.

Treat Blemishes

Our top tip to treating any last minute, unexpected blemishes is to focus on calming, not detoxifying and drawing like you normally would. A white clay mask to help heal and take down any inflammation or redness will be your saviour, combined with a gentle spot treatment to help reduce any bacteria that may be sitting under the skin. My biggest advice though would be to not squeeze! LED light therapy will also help to heal skin a lot quicker, LED can be performed every 48 hours so as soon as you feel something popping up, try to book in a few sessions.

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Let Skin Breathe

After the wedding day you may find your skin will need a bit of a detox from the bridal makeup, using a clay mask a day or so after the wedding will help to reset and rebalance the skin. When honeymooning I’d suggest to keep things quite simple, still focus on your daily routine of cleansing and protection, but now would be a great time to let your skin simply breath.

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