Hand Penned

Aartisanal, hand penned wedding invitations with delicate, whispery markings

As unique as fingerprints or the brush marks of an artist, handwriting forms a personal signature, inimitable by another. Drawn by this connection to identity and a more personalised and artisanal process of putting pen and ink to every piece of paper, we’re inspired by these fragile, whispery markings, each one as delicate and unique as a spiders web

(Image above: Saint Signora)

Nice Plume

Tara Spencer

With superfine, looping letters that taper into almost invisible trails of ink at words end, these hand penned designs speak to an ethereal elegance. Restrained in scale yet loose and lyrical in movement, they’re worlds away from the traditional regularity of old-school calligraphy. Instead, these markings are imbued with the distinct personalities of their maker, the particular curl of a capital S, or the fluid loop of a lowercase f, each a subtle signature in itself.

Crafted on paper just as beautiful, bespoke and hand touched (we particularly love this style of writing paired with a raw deckled edge), this aesthetic suggests artful, considered wedding styling, and effortless elegance. Allow colours to subtly hint at the mood of celebrations to come, with black and chalky whites hinting at classic event. while soft greys, blues and charcoals evoke a feeling of serenity or sense of nostalgia. Gold is also exquisite and a little bit magical..perfect to carry through to menus and seating cards, setting a consistently beautiful, aesthetic tone.

Laura Elizabeth Patrick

Nice Plume


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