Meet the modern minimalist. Intentional in everything she does.

Meet the modern minimalist. Intentional in everything she does, choosing to style with a select number of materials, defined by simple lines and finished with minimal fuss.

From the city to the coast, a lineal design aesthetic presents the perfect balance of space, style and timeless elegance. The repetition of lineal lines featured in polished surfaces such as glass, concrete, stone and metal materials are best styled in an airy location saturated with an abundance of natural light.

Croft House

Studio spaces with industrial windows or ocean side halls with views as far as the eye can see are the perfect backdrop for the understated palette. Monochromatic tones are the traditional choice enhancing with detail and textures over any additional colours. Cut crystal glassware, Perspex plinths and mirrored vessels and surfaces are all key features to achieving a luxe lineal finish.

To keep your space from appearing sterile, be sure to incorporate a dose of the undone and the unexpected. Anything with a natural or imperfect finish such as hand calligraphy stationery or frayed edge napery are great at providing a harmonious balance and atmosphere amongst the space.



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