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A Modern Architectural Wedding in Barcelona

Photography by La Dichosa for Cris and Bruno.

Every now and then we come across a venue that stops us in our step, transfixing us with its unexpected, inimitable beauty. When Cris and Bruno’s Barcelona wedding dropped into our inbox, we couldn’t help but be swept up in their venue’s striking physique. A structure steeped with art and meaning, chic in its simplicity and intentional in its design.

Held within the studio and surrounding estate of famed sculptor Xavier Corberó, Cris and Bruno’s wedding played homage to their ardent love for architecture. Desaturated concrete walls, geometric shapes and contrasting curved archways created a stunning backdrop for the celebration. Encircled by trees and rocky sculptures, rings were exchanged at a ceremony imbued with organic charm. Here, textured foliage and eclectic décor converged to create an aesthetic entirely unique – a considered juxtaposition from the venue’s stark and minimal façade.

At the reception, a layered tablescape spilled with whimsical detail. Rounded vases and ornaments were styled amongst dark grey glassware and embroidered linens. Encasing the elegant setup was a grid-like frame, from which circular lanterns and wispy foliage swung.

Photography by La Dichosa

Our Story

Names / Cris & Bruno

Wedding Date / 15th September 2018

Guest Numbers / 178

How We Met

We met on the first day of college and we were friends for 12 years. After studying architecture, we decided to start our own architecture studio together and it was not until two years later when we realized that we wanted to be together. It will now be three years from then.


Our Engagement Story

It was in Japan where we were on vacation. We flew to Tokyo and Bruno spent three days with the ring in his pocket but it did not stop raining and everything went wrong. So he waited until the fourth day in Hokkaido to ask. In the midst of nature and silence.


Marriage to us Means

Before we met, getting married was not a priority for us. Once together, the idea arose from the simple fact of having found the perfect person. The most important thing about marriage for us is the commitment for life. We think it’s nice to compromise and give each other the word that involves one of the most important aspects in a couple: trust.

The Details


Wedding Location

I am from Bilbao but I have been in Barcelona for many years, so we decided to get married here. We had a clear idea that we needed a different kind of venue, so we decided to get married in the studio of the sculptor Xavier Corberó. We are both architects and when we entered the place, we knew that it had to be there. It defines us perfectly; the fact that it is unfinished produces a feeling of “ruin” that makes it even more exciting. The simplicity of concrete and white, where the only protagonists are the arches and shadows, create a place of their own personality. The infinite structure with the stairs that do not lead anywhere remember the concepts of infinity and the dimensions of Dalí. It was the perfect scenario for us. Without ornaments, pure geometry, matter and architecture.


Event Aesthetic & Inspiration

The space was already beautiful, so the idea was not to overload it with too much decoration. Everything was very simple and minimalist, with a lot of green to humanize it. We wanted the space to always remain the protagonist.



The photographers were Xavi and Majo of La Dichosa. We met them through our wedding planners. Before meeting them in person, we knew they were a couple and that they work together, just like us. It seems silly, but this fact changed everything. It means that they understand each other perfectly, that there is a special connection between them, each one adopts a role and a place for everything to fit perfectly. The truth was, on the wedding day there were no mistakes, no misunderstandings. We saw them enjoy it as much as us, they captured the wedding as we had imagined it and above all they made us feel very comfortable. We can say that today they are our friends and we continue to share projects together.

Fashion Notes


Bride’s Dress

I was very lucky with the dress because I was afraid to feel disguised. I found a design that made me feel really radiant and natural! I chose it from Cortana, a Spanish designer who works a lot with silks and very light fabrics. All her dresses (both the bridal line and the guest wear) are simple with simple lines and I felt I really identified with the brand. We chose a half-sleeved dress that crossed in front and knotted on the side. It was the first dress that I tried on and the final one! It was a great choice since it was very comfortable for all the moments of that long and beautiful day.


Bride’s Shoes

The shoes were from Jordi Anguera, a designer of wedding dresses. Since I’m not used to wearing high heels, I chose wedge sandals lined with nude and a little glitter. They fulfilled the mission of accompanying me until lunch, and they let me dance throughout the wedding.


Flowergirl/Pageboy Outfits

The girls wore a white dress with green gauze (turquoise blue) at the waist and a flower headband, and the boys wore turquoise shorts and white shirt with a maho neck.


Wedding Rings

Traditional yellow gold wedding band from Anny Deu, engraved with the name and date.

Jewelry & Accessories

Cris wore gold and diamond cluster earrings from Bruno’s grandmother.

Bruno wore simple yellow gold cufflinks from Bruno’s father.


Groomsmen’s Attire

Bruno wore a three-piece oil blue jacket with the vest in the same color that was made to measure in the Señor tailor shop in Barcelona. He also wore a white shirt and dark blue tie with lighter dots.



The hairstyle was a simple low ponytail decorated with natural flowers and knotted with a braid.



I wanted to go as natural as possible since I never wear a lot of makeup. I choose a medium-light makeup look with very natural earth tones and pink shades.

Style Notes



We sent our save the date four months before the wedding and the invitations two months before. The venue was really important and representative for us, so we decided that it had to be present in both. We did all of this with the help of our wedding planners. For the save the date, we made a fun design with stairs to infinity where only the date was set.

For the invitation (that we loved), we chose a photograph of the venue where some stairs appear and some arches are intuited in black and white. We made it in an A3 format on a granulated Japanese paper and we numbered them by hand, creating 125 lithographs that we sent to all our guests in an architect’s tube. Many of them have framed it and remember it in their home, for us it became a gift for each of our friends and family.


Flowers & Bouquets

The floral decoration was simple, our wedding planner La Puta Suegra did the flower decor, but together we made sure they comprised of greenery with a little bit of color. The bridal bouquet was also made by the wedding planner with the help of my mother-in-law who loves flowers and it was a nice surprise. Full of color and very wild.



For the video, we also chose a young couple of videographers, Les Vaques. We loved the work they showed us and we quickly connected with them. The result was a very funny video, where all our guests appeared and every moment of the wedding was captured. It is an incredible memory.



Cris: I slept with my mother and my sister in a beautiful hotel. In the morning we had breakfast just the three of us before going to the wedding venue to do our hair and makeup and get dressed. When I arrived, Bruno had left me a bouquet of flowers with a note that I loved!

Bruno: Had breakfast alone but later he was with his family while he was preparing. In Catalonia, there is a precious tradition in which the godfather of the groom (in our case the brother of Bruno) takes the bouquet to the bride before the ceremony and reads a poem or text dedicated to her. I extended the tradition and also sent two great friends to bring Bruno a bottle of champagne and read a text. I think it’s a tradition that should be done everywhere.

Ceremony & Reception Décor

The ceremony was held in a garden away from the wedding venue that was full of trees and sculptures. The decor was based on carpets and benches filled with cushions, very simple vegetation and chandeliers. We had a civil ceremony conducted by a friend of ours who is a judge. In the ceremony, six of our most important people read for us. For me, it was one of the most special moments of the whole day.


Wedding Stylist/Planner

Our wedding planners were from La Puta Suegra, who specialize in organizing all different kinds of weddings. We really wanted to set up a party and celebrate with all our friends and family. Therefore our request was that the wedding was a party, and without a doubt they got it. Once we started dancing, we did not stop until the end. They made everything beautiful and fun; we even had some surprises and could enjoy the day without any worries.


Food and Beverages

The catering served at the wedding was from Les Magnolies with a Michelin star. First, we chose to have an aperitif in the courtyard where there were bars with live cooking and appetizers served by the catering staff. Beverages were served, wine and Champagne selected by us from a small family winery in France. We chose to have a long and strong aperitif first, and then a sit-down menu where two light plates were served composed of a cream of tomato with lobster and for the second, suckling pig. We did the desserts and cocktails outside again with a live saxophonist.


Wedding Songs

Entrance Bruno: Go Solo, Tom Rosenthal

Entrance Cris: Heartbeats, José González

After the ceremony: Crazy, Lost Frequencies

Entrance cocktail: You & I, Crystal Fighters

Entrance lunch: Without you, Avicii


We had DJ Marti Puig and Solo Saxo.

We also had Dantzari: a traditional Basque dance that means respect and good luck for the hosts. Cris’s mother gave it to us and it was really exciting.


Gift Registry

We did not make any list of gifts.  It was each guest’s choice. The most significant was a painting by the artist Berta Llonch that our brothers gave us.



We read our own vows, which we wrote separately and were a surprise for each other. I recommend it to all couples!! It is the perfect moment to tell the other person everything you feel with all your friends and loved ones as witnesses.



The day after the wedding we went to Croatia where we rented a sailboat for 7 days to sail and rest.

Special Details


One Thing I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Wedding Plans

That everything was going to go so fast!


A Memorable Moment

The truth is that with La Puta Suegra, everything was very easy with the preparations, but the most complicated moment for us was the table seating. The most special moment: the whole day full of emotion and happiness.


If I could give other Brides-To-Be one Piece of Advice

If I could go back now, I would have spent more time on the little things… I would have done more things for the wedding with friends, and enjoy the preparations as much as the wedding day.

Our Contacts

Photography / La Dichosa

Videography / Les Vaques

Bride’s Dress / Cortana

Bride’s Shoes /  Jordi Anguera

Groom’s Formal Wear / Señor

Wedding Rings / Anny Deu

Wedding Planner / La Puta Suegra

Catering / Les Magnolies

Wedding Venue / Xavier Corbero’s House & Studio in Barcelona

Entertainment / DJ Marti Puig and Solo Saxo



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