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Naeem Khan Spring ’18 Bridal Backstage

Tribal meets old world French at Naeem Khan

“A show that was simply about dressing incredibly stylish women for a wildly celebratory occasion.”

Shooting backstage at Naeem Khan always feels like documenting some kind of secret world you feel so fortunate to be privy to. A scene spilling with luxurious details so impossibly beautiful and intricate your eyes don’t quite know where to look. You’re panicked a little, gripped all of a sudden by this obsession to reveal every single pocket of the space, every intricate stitch, just to even try and explain the way being back there makes you feel. My fly on the wall documentary style teeters on the edge of Crazy Backstage Pap, in absolute awe of the collection that just gets more beautiful as the team add layer upon layer to the story of each piece.

Spring 2018’s backstage space in the Naeem Kahn studio played canvas to a collection that felt more akin to art than bridal. Decadent embroidery, explosions of color, suits in liquid like iridescent fabrics, dramatic strings of pearls draped over shoulders and down model’s backs inspired by French icon (and Civil Rights Activist) Josephine Baker, bold headpieces handcrafted by Erickson Beamon, tribal inspired nose rings that added a cool edge to Naeem’s signature, opulent style. It was a collection that made you forget for a moment that you were shooting bridal at all. Designs that blurred the lines. A show that was simply about dressing incredibly stylish women for a wildly celebratory occasion that just happened to be a wedding. A view that couldn’t more closely mirror the lens through which we see bridal fashion ourselves.



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