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7 Tips for Stacked Wedding Rings

For wildly unique jewelry, purposefully curate your stacked wedding rings to create a piece that intimately reflects your individual story.

Create an inimitable jewelry piece by curating a collection of stacked wedding rings that intimately reflects your individual story. Mirror the significant milestones in your life through signature pieces, while poetically infusing your ever-changing individual style.

With an invigorated freedom to alchemize, a stacked set is an opportunity to explore and choose from your favorites, dissolving the expected to settle for a single choice. Each ring, added gradually, carries its own meaning, resulting in a piece that evolves with you. Curate slowly and purposefully, taking your time to add to your wedding ring set to create a collection that truly resonates with you.

Amongst a sea of nuances to create a wildly unique piece – shapes, gemstones, placement and metal choices –  it takes an designer’s instinctive to navigate the intricacies. We asked renown Australia-based jeweler, Louise Jean, to share her expertise on styling wedding stacks…

Stacked Wedding Rings

Natasha Schweitzer

Louise Jean

Choose a higher-profile engagement ring

Should you be at the beginning of your stacking journey, you may wish to opt for an engagement ring with a higher profile. This will provide a more seamless curation, allowing space for wedding rings to fit effortlessly underneath. A higher profile engagement ring will also minimize negative space between your future wedding ring.

Consider diamond shapes

When delving into the world of engagement rings, the choice of diamond shape plays a pivotal role. Elongated diamond shapes like ovals, marquises, and pear cuts extend across areas of the stack concealing any gaps between the rings, while round brilliants and square cushions offer greater visibility to wedding bands.

Stacking rings offers a multitude of advantages, allowing for a dynamic and personalized approach to jewelry that can evolve with life’s changing moments.”

– Louise Jean

Sophie Bille Brahe

Natasha Schweitzer

Style wedding bands with spacer rings

When it comes to wedding bands, consider spacer rings to preserve the engagement ring’s integrity. Over time, wearing two rings in close proximity may result in subtle scratches and wear. Wedding bands bedecked with diamonds may be harmful to the prongs of your engagement ring setting. Spacer rings are protective intermediaries between your engagement ring and wedding band ensuring the preservation of both rings. 

Experiment with mixed metals in the same karat

While the choice to blend different metals in your wedding stack remains a deeply personal one, subtly infusing white gold with warmer tones like yellow or rose gold creates contrast complementing the light of precious stones. On a practical note, it’s advisable to maintain the same metal karats throughout your stack. This prevents the potential deterioration of softer metal karats when combined with harder ones, ensuring the longevity and enduring beauty of your jewelry collection.

Louise Jean

When combining gemstones, hero the dominant color

Traditionally, gemstones are often paired with diamonds to accentuate their vivid colors and brilliance. Yet, when considering the fusion of gemstones, lean towards showcasing the dominant color as the protagonist. To further play with gemstone hues, incorporate concealed gems to infuse your stack with intricate details and touches of sentiment.

Embrace simplicity & elegance in three-stone rings

Elevate the timelessness of three-stone rings by embracing elegant simplicity with minimal bands in varying widths. Alternatively, opt for a crown ring, thoughtfully designed to encircle the center stone, creating a purposeful pairing.

Captivate with contrast

Blending contrasting band styles offers an intrigue of visual and tactile elements, elevating the jewelry’s overall allure. Mixing and matching becomes especially captivating when uniting sleek, smooth bands with textured counterparts, as seen in wide wedding bands embellished with diamonds.

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