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The Art of Grazing

Transforming a wedding grazing table into culinary art – Haus of Hera, Marina Machado and The Love Archives join forces to create an epicurean spread inspired by timeworn walls…

Transforming a wedding grazing table into culinary art – this collaboration between three artists elevates simple, post-ceremony grazing, creating a truly transportive experience for guests.

Brought to life by boutique wedding and event company Haus of Hera, alongside masterful cake designer Marina Machado and photographer The Love Archives, this grazing spread is an epicurean dream. An unexpected synergy of flavor and artistry, a textural tableau seeking to ignite the senses.

“A grazing table can be styled to suit any tone & color scheme of your wedding, it can truly enhance your guest’s food experience by creating an atmosphere & sparking conversation.” – Haus of Hera

Drawing inspiration from timeworn walls, the location’s aesthetic was artistically imbued into every styling decision, mirrored in uneven lines, earthen hues, broken platter edges and stone accents. A glass tabletop was chosen to balance the organic shapes, creating a sleek, contemporary line that blended into the backdrop, highlighting the textural detail and decadent fare.

Aged facades also inspired the food elements. Textured shards, veins of blue cheese, crumbled bites and dried berries – each ingredient imperfect yet indulgent, striking yet simplistic. The cake, structured and unconventional in design immediately draws the eye, its unexpected beauty artfully adding the final touch.

Grazing Table Styling Tips


Tailor to your Event & Style

Before attempting to replicate a decadent grazing table you’ve found on Pinterest, a more considered, unique approach to grazing table styling can be so effective. The starting point would be to consider your venue and the aesthetic you want to create – is it modern, rustic, historic? Consider the location – is your event seaside, set on a rooftop or on a country estate? Draw on the color palettes, architecture and experience of your venue to inform your styling choices and the materials and delicacies you use to create a grazing table that is cohesive with your overall event.

Experiment with Size & Form

No matter the size of your spread, it’s imperative to create a visual flow from element to element to allow the eye to take in all it’s beauty. Create focal points within your grazing table by emphasising the height or area of that element, and build out from there. A great way to do this is by stacking slabs of raw stone, marble or hebel of different sizes and shapes into undulating heights so you have an organic tiered and layered effect spreading the width of the table to then style your delicacies upon. Additionally, style an abundance of some delicacies, clustered together or scattered throughout to act as a visual thread, while others as individual statements to act as an anchor point, such as the dark chocolate slab and cake in this shoot.

“Selecting tonal, artisanal cheeses & cured meats & working with someone to provide desserts customised to your design concept is important to achieve overall cohesion.” – Haus of Hera

Consider Functionality

A grazing table can be the heart of your event, a place to inspire buzzing conversation and atmosphere between guests. When styling and deciding on the location of your grazing table, first consider the purpose of your grazing table and the experience you want to create for your guests. Wedding stylist Christie Wright of Haus of Hera encourages you to make some hard decisions early – “Is it there to feed guests or will it be the feature of your event, or is it both?”. Being clear on this from the beginning should inform all of your styling decisions; from the type of table, the size, the styling, the delicacies, down to the minute details such as the flatware and napkins (if any) chosen.


Embrace Local & Artisan Delicacies

There’s nothing more mouth-watering and visually stimulating than unprocessed, farm-to-table style food, with all their beautiful imperfections and rich aromas. Rather than sourcing from chain supermarkets which stocks the run of the mill, expected foods, pop down to your local farmers market and delicatessen to source the finest in fresh, authentic produce. Think artisanal cheeses, homemade crackers, raw honeycomb, handpicked nuts and locally made cured meats – roughly cut, crumbled, scattered and piled to give it texture and a natural, informal aesthetic. For desserts, collaborate with a cake artist or dessert connoisseur to create custom bite size delicacies that evoke your overall event vision, and where possible, keep it tonal with your spread to visually connect.

Use a Professional

Wherever possible, we always recommend leaving grazing table styling to a professional to create a look that is elevated and a truly transportive experience for guests. A professional stylist and caterer understands the visual impact of every placement and will be able to source high-quality artisanal cheeses, cured meats or other bespoke food elements.

Photography / The Love Archives 

Creative Direction & Styling / Haus of Hera

Desserts / Marina Machado Cakes



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