Poetic Fragments

A fine art collection of wedding cake inspiration that layers textural imperfections and unexpected form with minimalist styling and poetic still life photography

Photography by Megan Kelly

We are forever drawn to wedding cake inspiration with contrast, texture and silhouettes that intrigue the eyes with harmonious yet unexpected form. Detailing that invites us in to look a little closer; to follow the layers, the imperfections, the beauty.

Byron Bay Wedding cake designer, Marina Machado’s has released her latest collection of wedding cake designs, better titled as works of fine art that pay homage to the beauty of the natural world. Working alongside wedding photographer, Megan Kelly and wedding stylist Heidi from The Romance, the trio have put together a gallery of timeless poetic detail.

Drawing inspiration from the elements provoked the collections abstract resemblance to some of the worlds wildest landscapes. The end result a captivating and timeless collection of wedding cake designs, styling and artful photography.

Wedding Cake Inspiration

Wedding Cake Inspiration

“I wanted to design a cake that represented the eye of a storm, sweeping up the leaves as it transcends into a fully formed cyclone – chaotic yet beautiful…”

Marina Machado

Wedding Cake Inspiration

Wedding Cake Inspiration

Wedding Cake Inspiration

A representation of Beauty & Chaos - Marina Machado.

Stylist, Heidi from The Romance staged the ethereal collection with a restrained foundation of perspex plinths, nude plant dyed fabrics and stone off-cuts, respecting the textural facade of the premises and the characteristics of the cakes.

The photography by Megan Kelly invites you to look a little closer, drawing our attention to a beauty that is both captivating and intriguing. Her gentle play on natural light frames the detail we didn’t know to look for. With an innate eye for beauty, her photography effortlessly orchestrates a journey of otherworldly tones, textures and silhouettes.

Wedding Cake Inspiration

Wedding Cake Inspiration

Wedding Cake Inspiration

Wedding Cakes / Marina Machado

Photography / Megan Kelly

Styling / The Romance

Perspex Plinths & Tables / The Styled Group

Fabrics / Silk & Willow

Ceramic Plates / Elvis Robertson


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