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The Lane x Esqueleto Stacks

Weave together layers of jewels that artfully tell your own innate story

We each have our own story, beautifully complex & intricately layered. Inside lies a rich tapestry of experiences and emotions; intense loves, wild lusts, innate pulls, unexplored dreams and imprinted memories. In a world that begs us to overshare, to obsessively document every moment, and constantly communicate our rambling inner dialogue, we’re instead romanced by secrecy, and the mystique of holding our cards close. We’re fascinated by the alluring beauty that comes from a more abstract expression, through art, creativity and adornment.

“She was chaos and beauty intertwined. A tornado of roses from divine.” – Shakieb Orgunwall

Rich in sentiment and symbolism that extends far beyond aesthetic appeal, jewelry can play an intriguing part in revealing hidden parts of ourselves.  Each piece hand selected as a tangible reminder of a special moment, a feeling, a person that impacted your life, or a destination explored that held special significance. Artful clusters of jewels arranged with beautiful intent, layers of mercurial metals, iridescent stones and textural details imbued with meaning collectively speak volumes about our individual journeys, in a way that only we need to understand.

Stopping in at one of our favorite creative havens in LA spilling with jewels all hand forged by a myriad of different artists, we were lucky enough to play around with Esqueleto’s divine pieces, to pull together two LANE jewelry stacks, which each told a little story of our own.

White Gold Stack

1. White Gold Diamond Band / Lauren Wolf Jewelry

2. Three Diamond Ring / Lauren Wolf Jewelry

3. Thick Geometric Stacking Ring / Adeline (Exclusively available at Esqueleto L.A. & Oakland)

4. Platinum Hexagon Ring / Satomi Kawakita

5. Double Urchin Diamond Band / T.Kahres (Exclusively available at Esqueleto Oakland)


Yellow Gold Stack

1. Diamond Circle Ring / Satomi Kawakita

2. Small Brown Diamond Circle Eternity Band / Satomi Kawakita

3. Brown Hex Atrium Halo Ring / Polly Wales

4. Yellow Gold Eternity Band / Lauren Wolf Jewelry

5. Diamond Line Band / Katrina Lapenne


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