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The New Bohemian

The beauty of polarity displayed by a balance of bohemian spirit and minimalist intent



Exotic, Raw, Luxe, Aged, Minimal



Aged Ivories, Crystalline, Stone, Bronze Patina



Relaxed and informal seating areas styled with frayed rugs tarnished by antique gold threads, worn woven back chairs with simple lined welded frames and ageing linen drapes knotted, looped and tied into textural artworks. Grazing tables in stacked earthen stone surfaces and aged timber off cuts displaying locally sourced oceanic delicacies. Fractured glass hurricane vases, pearlescent ceramic plates and brass stemware dress the various dining stations. At sunset, the glittering crystalline pendants light the stone facades below producing a dancing delight of patterned silhouettes as they sway in the oceanic breeze.



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