Tulum Vacation Packing Guide

Venture seamlessly from beach to bar, day to night in a billowing linen wardrobe, sea soaked swimwear and eclectic accessories

We always have great ambitions when packing for a Summer holiday; sultry silk dresses for those balmy nights dancing under the stars, a myriad of bikinis (one for each day in fact) for poolside, bay side and underneath that little sheer dress we’ve never worn, and an abundance of shoes for every possible occasion, just in case.

But truth be told, when you step off the plane into the tropical humidity of a beach town like Tulum, Mexico, all those great ambitions go out the window. Your vacation style becomes a rotating wardrobe of the easiest, most practical, lightest pieces of clothing thrown over sea soaked bikinis, barefoot at all hours. Climatizing can take a while, and mastering the art of looking chic without wasting hours battling unruly hair or pointlessly touching up makeup that slides off in seconds can be difficult at best.

After a whirlwind but breathtaking trip to Tulum to shoot our latest editorial, we give you our tips on what to pack and what should stay at home so you can spend your days fuss-free and venture seamlessly from beach to bar, day to night.

The Lane

The Lane