Tulum Vacation Packing Guide

Venture seamlessly from beach to bar, day to night in a billowing linen wardrobe, sea soaked swimwear and eclectic accessories

We always have great ambitions when packing for a Summer holiday; sultry silk dresses for those balmy nights dancing under the stars, a myriad of bikinis (one for each day in fact) for poolside, bay side and underneath that little sheer dress we’ve never worn, and an abundance of shoes for every possible occasion, just in case.

But truth be told, when you step off the plane into the tropical humidity of a beach town like Tulum, Mexico, all those great ambitions go out the window. Your vacation style becomes a rotating wardrobe of the easiest, most practical, lightest pieces of clothing thrown over sea soaked bikinis, barefoot at all hours. Climatizing can take a while, and mastering the art of looking chic without wasting hours battling unruly hair or pointlessly touching up makeup that slides off in seconds can be difficult at best.

After a whirlwind but breathtaking trip to Tulum to shoot our latest editorial, we give you our tips on what to pack and what should stay at home so you can spend your days fuss-free and venture seamlessly from beach to bar, day to night.

The Lane

The Lane

Pack multi-occasional pieces

When scouring your wardrobe for those inevitably insta-worthy outfits, it can be easy to let your heart get ahead of your head. So often we forget to think practically and wind up with half a suitcase of styles we never wear, let alone ever unpack. As a rule of thumb, take only pieces that will mix and match with at least two other styles, or wearable for a handful of occasions. Simple, neutral toned staples will effortlessly pair with one another and layer over swimwear for multiple cohesive looks for day to night. Style-up or down each piece by simply cuffing a hem, cinching at the waist with a belt or adding a touch of gold or textural accessories.

Sophisticated swimwear to layer into night

Slipping seamlessly from beach to bar with an air of effortlessness is a daily ritual while on vacation. Sophisticated swimwear in neutral tints and fashionable silhouettes will layer easily with your capsule ‘suitcase’ wardrobe. Swimsuits offer the versatility of partnering with a billowing blouse or floating skirt, while bikinis look chic peeking beneath a summers dress or paired with high waisted trousers. Add a few accessories and strappy sandals to take the look from day to night.

Beach bag packing

For those endless days exploring the backstreets and soaking up the sun, not knowing where your feet may take you, pack a beach bag with all the essentials to get you through. Think a comb and hairclip to maintain those salty locks, sunscreen, shades and glossy balm to stay protected, and a pair of statement earrings to throw on come nightfall. They’ll be your style saviours all holiday.

The Lane

Eclectic accessories

For perusing quaint beachside bars, fine dining under the stars and dancing into the night, style up any day’s outfit with a few added accessories. A pair of bold gold statement earrings will match perfectly with a linen dress or strappy heels with a floor skimming skirt or trousers. Style-up beach waves with a decorative hair clip pulled back on one side.

Simple beauty routine

On sticky heated days with no escape but the beach, keep your beauty routine simple and easy with the bare essentials. Lather up in a lightweight, hydrating sunscreen and and a SPF base tinted moisturiser to stay protected throughout the day. Add a touch of colour with a lick of bronzer and rosey balm on the lips and cheeks for a natural but refined look come evening.

The Lane

The Lane


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