Winter Tables

Draw inspiration from winter palettes of dusky blooms and layers of chalky linens

Embrace the low season of late Winter (or earliest Spring), and seek inspiration in the soft and dusky tones of early light and seasonal blooms. Looking to the chalky greys and subdued pinks of dawn skies and misty mornings, the bare branches of magnolia and first blossoms, blend with organic, earthy textures for a unique tables cape, serene in its simplicity.

Layer washed linens with hand touched ceramics glazed in tints of colour sensitive to the tablescape and blooms. Juxtapose the solidity of earthenware vases with the delicate branches and stems of flowers. Set tables with antique silver flatware paired with crystal tumblers and possible accents of brass. Charcoal linens will ground an otherwise feminine palette, as will the inclusion of food styling on slate or wooden boards.


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