Real Weddings

A Timeless Parisian Celebration

Amber & Broc by Lelia Scarfiotti

The timeless wedding of Amber & Broc began in a classic Parisian church. Towering, darkly lit walls created a dramatic feel. The Bride (and designerAmber Chloe) ethereal in her self created gown, intricately embellished sleeves in perfect harmony with luxurious floor length silk.

Inspired by the romance of Paris, the pair opted for a quintessentially French ballroom to host the reception. Crystal chandeliers and heavily draped curtains created a intimate oasis for guests, cascading roses and bold silver detailing echoing the lavish surrounds.

Photographed by LANE handpicked photographer, Lelia Scarfiotti.

Our Story

Names / Amber & Broc

Wedding Date / September 3, 2016

Guest Numbers / 126

How we met…

Broc and I went to university together. We met through a mutual friend in our last semester, at the local bar.


Our Engagement Story…

Broc isn’t usually one for grand gestures or surprises so this was a complete shock to me. We had just taken our dog for a walk and when we got home, he called me into our bedroom saying Milo (our dog) had a surprise for me. I walked in to find both of them on our bed and a ring box beside them. I was so surprised – not because he was proposing after eight years, but because I always thought I’d know when he was about to. We were meant to meet another couple for lunch so I didn’t really have to time to let it sink in or contact friends and all my family in Europe were still asleep. I wanted to cancel lunch but Broc promised it would be quick and was pretty adamant about going. When I arrived, there were 40 of our closest friends and family shouting surprise. It was the perfect day.


Marriage to us means…

Letting our love develop to depths we have never explored and taking on life together as a team.