Bohemian Wedding Spaces

A covert collection of ceremony spaces spilling with nostalgic, bohemian romance.

For a ceremony that embodies a sense of nostalgic romance, find inspiration in wedding spaces steeped in historical opulence.

Characterized by arch windows, aged flooring and walls of eroded stone, bohemian spaces envelop you in their romantic atmosphere; a grace owned by the yesteryear.

(Image via Montsalvat)

Look to heritage castles, chapels and heirloom mansions that exude the architecture of bohemian romance. Discover previously abandoned spaces that are granted a new life whilst still retaining the tainted marks of their history.

For styling, indulge in an abundance of ambient light through way of candles and (where fit) chandeliers. A display of lights used throughout such a historical space will offer a dramatic effect, bringing the soul of the space to life.

Bring a lightness to the mood by incorporating an abundance of roses in your choice or pastel, ivory or velvet hues. Include sculptural arrangements sparingly, whilst delivering them with a scale that matches the essence of the room. Large floral features displayed in pairs as a backdrop or as growing clusters that surround the architectural features are classic options.

Churchill Weddings & Events - Image by Brown Paper Parcel



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