Roses En Masse

Incorporate excessive clusters of long-stemmed roses to create majestic sculptural lines.

At a time in floral design where the undone, textural, raw and earthy reigns supreme, there is something refreshing and undeniably eye catching about a garden bed laced with an abundance of grouped roses.

If you ever felt you weren’t a rose person, or maybe you’re of the opinion they are just ‘too old fashioned’ this timeless flower arranged with the most contemporary of hands may just be the perfect balance of juxtaposition to sway your vote.

(Image: Ruby Mary Lennox)

Fjura Diary

By eliminating all traces of foliage along with the precise pruning and cleaning, these arrangements as tall and wide as they spray are the epitome of contemporary luxe. Each rose hand-picked, petals peeled back and finished in an elegant arrangement. The outcome a product that is wildly feminine but never pretty, politely pretentious yet rightfully so.

Unexpectedly, these flowers sturdy in their stem are the perfect choice for warmer climates or instances where a water source may not be always available. They have the ability (when handled correctly) to retain their beauty well into the night and as such are a great fit for ceiling, outdoor or other such large scale installations.


Style Tip

What makes these floral designs so contemporary and engaging is the repetition of a single style rose and color used throughout. For this reason, we suggest simplifying your color palette and flower/rose variety when requesting such arrangements from your florist.



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