Bridal Separates

Styling the season’s two piece bridal wear for your wedding day and beyond

Finding a bridal gown to stand the test of time can be difficult at the best of times. We’re inherently drawn to the indescribable beauty of intricate embroidered detailing, delicate beading, swaths of fabric adorning trains and dotting veils that make a wedding dress truly special. Yet, it’s these same elements that can make a gown impractical and too extravagant to wear again on any other occasion, instead bagging up and storing away, only to admire every so often.

Considering the wearability of bridal beyond your wedding day can open up a plethora of styles that might have otherwise not been considered. Whether on a budget, sustainably conscious or simply seeking practicality, separates are a perfect solution for brides longing for flexibility with their bridal style.

The perfect pairing to the more casual, celebratory weddings we’ve seen emerge in recent years, two piece bridal fits seamlessly into the wardrobes of modern brides. A relaxed, modern approach to bridal style, separates give the opportunity to mix and match, style up or down to make your look uniquely you. A matching set can take a bride from ceremony to reception, or an added jewelled sash or bolero on a simple gown can effortlessly elevate a look for the evening.

Style Tips

When selecting two piece bridal, keep in mind the longevity and timelessness of the pieces, how and when you’ll wear them again and what they would work well with in your current wardrobe. Matching sets are ideal for a cohesive look, however if styling separates, consider a few points for an overall harmonious bridal style:

  • Pair tonal whites together; whites with undertones of warmth will visually clash with whites of a cool palette.
  • If styling with textural pieces, wear separates from the same story or collection that have matching textural elements or alternatively pair with with a plain simple piece with little to no detail.
  • Matte fabrics can appear dull against lustrous fabrics, so aim to keep fabrics of the same finish together, unless one of the separates is trimmed or embellished to tie the look together.
  • Balance proportions of the silhouettes; pair a cropped top with an almost floor sweeping skirt or full length sleeves with minis or slimline cuts. Too much fabric can visually swamp a bride, while not enough fabric can be too scantily clad. 



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