Dana Harel Spring ’20 Bridal

Wildflowers crafted into a bouquet of textural, whimsical designs

An exploration of blooms taking form, Dana Harel‘s Spring ’20 collection meticulously handcrafts wildflowers into textural, almost sculptural abstract forms. Floral lace peels off the skin into a delicate bouquet, beaded petals shape into dramatic blossoms, while embroidered flowering vines grow over the sheerest silks. Known for her whimsical and feminine designs, with a unique eclectic approach to decadence, this season has shown more restraint, while staying true to the brand’s roots.

What is your inspiration and story behind the Spring ’20 collection? 

The name of the new collection is called “Wild Flowers” as it plays with different abstract shapes of flowers. This collection is in a way a fantasy world brought to life. It’s the perfect balance between over-the-top designs and effortless chic.

The inspiration behind this collection is based on classical Victorian gowns, in terms of their voluminous skirts, combined with a modern twist. The collection experiments with lots of big trains, different volumes, large flower-like bead embellishments, flower embroidery and other large patterns. All of the gowns in this collection are completely custom-made. 

Tell us about some of the unique fabrications and embellishments explored this season…

Many of the fabrics and fabric designs in this collection are completely custom-made and play with very unique materials (i.e. not your everyday wedding gown materials). For example, the beaded appliqué on the Olivia and Abigail gowns incorporate Swarovski beads, pearls and other types of beads.  


Who is the woman you design for?

A fashion enthusiast, who is more edgy in terms of her style, yet appreciates high-end and elegant apparel.

What is the standout look from the collection?

The Olivia gown.  I love the simplicity of the shape, the clean canvas-like silk with the large flowers “drawn” on it. I love the fact that it’s closed and modest in the front and sexy in the back. I find it to be a mix of minimalism with sparkle – this unique contrast is what makes this dress one-of-a-kind.



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