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Ethereal Drapery at a 19th Century English Manor

Luxurious drapery and curated fabric installations fell from the ceilings of a 19th century English manor to create an ethereal reception.

In a collision of old-world romance and modern minimalism, luxurious drapery fell from sprawling ceilings to frame an ethereal reception setting.

Amidst the West Midlands of England, swathes of decadent silks softened a 19th century manor, bringing a contemporary twist to the regal space. A hand-sculpted, knotted fabric installation spilled to the floor dramatically adorning the cake table. 

The manor’s parquet flooring, ornate ceiling plasterwork, and antique lighting surrounded a candlelit tablescape, creating a moody, romantic ambience. The gentle play of light on sumptuous fabrics brought to life the richness of textures. 

Leading the visionary team behind this reception was stylist Mose & and artist Mia Sylvia  (both featured in The Lane Directory).

draping fabric

draping fabric

Mose &’s Styling Tips

  • Utilize fabric strategically to enhance lighting, creating a captivating and luminous ambiance. Drape fabrics near light sources, such as candles or fairy lights, to diffuse and scatter the light, producing a romantic ambience.
  • Experiment with different textures and colors to achieve desired effects—light-colored fabrics amplify brightness, while darker hues evoke a more intimate and cozy feel.
  • Venues with ceilings over five meters create an ideal space for installations. The added height enhances negative space, evoking an otherworldly feeling when gazing upward.

draping fabric

draping fabric

“The gentle play of light on sumptuous fabrics balanced the richness of texture.”

draping fabric

draping fabric

Photography & Creative Director / Faye Wilde Photography

Styling / Mose &

Fabric Installations, Textile Table & Linen / Mia Sylvia

Location / The Location House

Flowers / Bunch Studio

Cake / Studio Chocolate

Videographer / Super 8

Table / Hire Twenty One

Stationery / Northern Made Co.



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