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A Poetic Mexican Wedding in a Historic Industrial Warehouse

Photography by Dos Mas en la Mesa

Nature appeared to reclaim the colossal concrete warehouse space where Camila and Fernando’s Mexican wedding was held. The expansive disused Kodak warehouse in Guadalajara’s eight-meter high columns and exposed industrial elements were softened with flowers and foliage to create the illusion of natural growth sprouting around the steel and concrete structures. Inspired by the bride’s elegant Danielle Frankel gown, more than five thousand lineal meters of ethereal fabric fell from above and hundreds of beams of light cut through the raw dark space creating a feeling of warmth.

The couple said their vows outside in a sun-drenched garden setting, with a sea of swaying flowers winding down the aisle, leading up to a semi-circular formation that enveloped the couple. Dos Mas en la Mesa captured the poetic images.

Mexican Wedding

Mexican Wedding

Camila & Fernando

Our Story

Names /  Camila Urrea and Fernando Mora

Wedding Date /  March 18th, 2023

Guest Numbers /  630

Mexican Wedding

How We Met

Fernando and I first met in Paris back in 2016. He was finishing up his semester abroad, while I was on a high school graduation trip with my friends. On our first night out, we went to a night club and that’s when we first laid eyes on each other. The moment I saw him, I turned to my best friend and asked her who he was. Without hesitation, she responded with, “Are you serious, Camila? That’s Fernando Mora, a friend of my brother.” Although I had never seen him before, I couldn’t help but be curious about him and kept asking my friend for more information. I even remember telling her, “Remember this, one day I will date that guy.” Exactly one year later, we started dating, and six years after that, we got married.


Our Engagement Story

Travesia Cuatro, a well-known gallery in Guadalajara, contacted me to photograph their space and the architecture designed by Luis Barragan. We scheduled the session for Friday, June 3rd at 6pm. Since I am a wedding photographer and always busy with work, this seemed like a typical booking for me.

One day before the scheduled shoot, Fernando and I attended a classical music concert. I told him about the job, and he was thrilled for me. He even offered to help me if I needed it, but I assured him that I could handle it on my own. On the day of the shoot, I dressed up for lunch with friends, then changed into jeans and a raincoat jacket to prepare for the session. When I arrived at the gallery, I received messages from the gallery worker to go inside, and as soon as I opened the door, I saw Fernando, who quickly dropped to one knee and proposed. It was an amazing moment. Afterward, we celebrated with our family and friends at an incredible engagement party that they had planned for us.

Guadalajara Wedding Mexico

What We Love Most About Each Other…


What I love most about Fernando is his ability to always find wonder in life and appreciate all that it has to offer. I admire his determination to pursue his passions, learn as much as he can, and push himself to new heights. His love and care for others is one of his most endearing qualities and something that makes him truly special to me.



I suppose much of my love to Camila comes first from admiration. There are so many different forms of love so I will actually use relationships to frame what I most like about her. My particular type of love language is quality time and Camila understands this, so the capacity she has to try to understand me and love me in the way that I like is something I deeply cherish. She contributes in my ability to feel happy and secure, just the way she sees me or the way she holds my hand. We have grown up a more mature relationship and we have developed a sense of profound need for each other.

Camila & Fernando

Guadalajara Wedding Mexico

“Fernando and I chose the old Kodak warehouse in Guadalajara… In addition to its modern vibe, this venue held a lot of special meaning for me. My great grandfather played a significant role in bringing Kodak to Guadalajara and was involved in building the factory. Although it later went into bankruptcy, one of my uncles purchased it. As a photographer, getting married in a space with such a rich history felt like the perfect fit.”

Camila & Fernando

Camila & Fernando

Camila Fernando

The Setting


Wedding Location

For our wedding venue, Fernando and I chose the old Kodak warehouse in Guadalajara. We wanted a unique space that reflected who we are as a couple, and since we both love techno concerts, this location immediately caught our attention. It reminded us of all the incredible nights we spent dancing at concerts.

In addition to its modern vibe, this venue held a lot of special meaning for me. My great grandfather played a significant role in bringing Kodak to Guadalajara and was involved in building the factory. Although it later went into bankruptcy, one of my uncles purchased it. As a photographer, getting married in a space with such a rich history felt like the perfect fit.



The overall aesthetic of our wedding was to be modern, chic, and sophisticated with a touch of elegance and romance. The combination of the bride’s dress, the warehouse venue, and the existing color scheme, along with the attention to detail in every element of the wedding, created a cohesive and personalized atmosphere. It was very important to us to highlight the raw and industrial beauty of the warehouse, and ensure that the essence of the space was reflected in every aspect of the wedding.

The bride’s dress, with its flowing fabrics and draping, served as a key source of inspiration for the overall design; The use of hanging fabrics imitating the bride’s dress, light beam forest in the entrance, and green arches added a natural and organic feel to the overall look. The groom’s black fraq and velvet pump slippers added a touch of luxury and sophistication. The cocktail and dinner menus were carefully curated, with a mix of classic and modern drinks and dishes, showing a balance between tradition and innovation.


I started my wedding day with my usual morning routine of meditation and gratitude work, which has been transformational for me. I wanted to feel that positive energy throughout the day, so I made sure to prioritize this practice. Afterward, I took a shower and began getting ready for the day, surrounded by my mom, my cousin (who’s like a sister to me), and her mom (who’s like a second mother to me). It was so special to have them by my side. As I was getting my makeup done, two of my dear friends stopped by to see me, which made the moment even more meaningful.

Meanwhile, Fernando started his day doing yoga, followed by his morning reading and listening to music in his studio. It’s one of his favorite things to do, and I was happy to know he had some time for himself to enjoy his passions. He got ready with his brother Rodrigo, who also happened to be our amazing wedding planner, as well as his parents. Before leaving his house, Fernando played the piano – his biggest passion – which was a beautiful and meaningful way to start his day.

Camila Fernando

Ceremony Aisle Styling

Camila Fernando

“The ceremony was filled with symbols from all the different wedding cultures I had witnessed as a photographer, and we gave each symbol our own unique meaning. It was truly a magical experience.”


Dos Mas En la Mesa was the photography team for our wedding, and the experience was beyond beautiful. As a wedding photographer myself, the photos of our special day were incredibly important to me. I had been following their work for a while, and Fernando and I had them in mind for our day even before we got engaged.

We admired how their photos felt like art and poetry – it wasn’t just a wedding photo, but something transcendental. Their unique and inspiring composition was something we loved, and we knew that by having them, we would have timeless photos that wouldn’t go out of style. Dos Mas En la Mesa is an artwork in itself, and we feel so fortunate to have had them capture our wedding. Throughout the day, they paid such incredible attention to detail and their way of working was amazing. I truly enjoyed having them as part of our wedding. They made us feel so comfortable and we had so much fun during the shoot. They helped us relax and enjoy the moment, and were present at every special moment of the day.



On our wedding day, Lighthouse Cinema captured every single moment perfectly. They created a beautiful and emotional video that completely captured the essence of our day. It was like watching a movie of our love story. The music they chose, the way they edited it, and the shots they took were all perfect.

They were so professional and discreet, we barely noticed they were there. We felt so comfortable and relaxed around them. It was like we were just hanging out with friends who were also amazing at capturing moments on film. We were so happy with the final result; we watched the video over and over again. It is something we will cherish forever and we are so glad we chose Lighthouse Cinema to be a part of our special day. I had worked with Lighthouse Cinema before and was very familiar with their style and approach to wedding videography. Trust is such an important factor when it comes to choosing vendors for your wedding day.

Camila Fernando

Camila Fernando

Style Notes


Ceremony Décor

For the ceremony, we thought of a French prairie aesthetic that was true to the bride’s taste and vision. Using a curved wooden aisle, we hoped to achieve the natural effect of  flowers, foliage, bushes and shrubs growing wildly, yet beautifully, on a prairie. Keeping to the wedding’s color scheme and palette, we opted to use white, greens and neutrals to make it feel as natural as possible. Our vision was to glide through a sea of moving flowers which all culminate in a half circular arrangement that would hug and frame the ceremony.  Chairs were arranged in a descendant order, starting with immediate family up front, and grew in numerous as it went back to the beginning of the aisle.


Reception Décor

Located inside an old Kodak warehouse, the reception took place in a very cold, industrial space. This is why it was our mission to make it as warm and intimate as possible. Using more than five thousand lineal meters of fabric, we got inspiration from the micro-pleating and texture of the wedding dress to design the curtains, chandeliers and tapestry frames that decorated all of the warehouse. Being filled with concrete and 8-meter columns, we used flowers and foliage to make it seem like it was all growing and coming up from the ground. 300 light beams were located at the wedding entrance, creating a forest of lights going upwards, obliging guests to wander and walk through all of them. Tables were filled with white poppy flowers, chrysanthemums, lysianthus, orchids and shrugs. They were standing in what appeared to be a garden made with ivory coloured rice, which in Mexico symbolizes abundance. Cream coloured steel arches emerged over the long imperial tables, framing its guests between ever-growing green foliage and hanging fabric installations. The main table was surrounded by the same flower installation created for the ceremony.

Camila Fernando

Camila Fernando

Wedding Planner & Stylist

A wedding planner‘s job is to ensure that the wedding runs smoothly and that everything is perfectly executed on the day. They take the stress off the couple by handling all the logistics and details leading up to the big day. Rodrigo Mora and his team were exceptional in their work, bringing creativity and expertise to the planning process. Their ability to understand our vision and translate it into a beautiful, cohesive event was truly impressive. Their attention to detail was remarkable, and we couldn’t have achieved such a flawless execution without their support.

Having a wedding planner allowed us to relax and enjoy the day without worrying about the logistics. We were able to fully immerse ourselves in the celebration of our love, knowing that every detail had been taken care of by the team. We are grateful for their contribution to our special day and would highly recommend them to anyone planning a wedding.



Florals by Michelle Pourroy were proposed by the Wedding Planner and Florist. Flower selection was intended to evoke a flower meadow, which made us choose poppy flowers, chrysanthemums, lysianthus, orchids and shrugs to be used all over the wedding. We aimed for a white aesthetic, but keeping it on the warm side of it, and not cold white. Dried plants, dried flowers and shrugs helped us to maintain the warm vision of the color scheme. We aimed to create an effort less look and feel, which evoked a natural meadow.

Camila Fernando

Camila Fernando

“Using more than five thousand lineal meters of fabric, we got inspiration from the micro-pleating and textures of the wedding dress to design the curtains, chandeliers and tapestry frames that decorated all of the warehouse. Being filled with concrete, 8-meter columns, we used flowers and foliage to make it seem like it was all growing and coming up from the ground.”

Fabric Draping Wedding Reception


All of our stationery was created by Dos Cartas, and it was truly beautiful. We loved that it reflected our personalities and relationship. We had personalized cocktail napkins featuring our logo, menus, wedding invitations, digital save-the-dates, and thank-you cards for every guest.



We gave our guests who flew from outside of Guadalajara to the wedding a beautiful bottle of Clase Azul Tequila; Clase Azul Tequila is known for its high-quality and unique handcrafted bottles, making it a special treat for our guests. We also gave our guests some tools for their daily use from Urrea Herramientas. Urrea Herramientas provides high-quality tools for everyday use.


The wedding cake was made by Elogia, who is a close friend of ours and makes the most exquisite cakes. The cake theme was “Timeless Glamour Meets Rustic Grit”, and the flower selection was chosen to complement the overall floral design of Camila and Fernando’s wedding. The aim was to create a cake design that would harmonize with the wedding’s aesthetic.

The cake was made with Greek yogurt and lavender olive oil, with a homemade raspberry filling, and covered in vanilla buttercream. Each cake is carefully baked in a home-style kitchen to ensure the quality of each individual piece. Working with live elements means that every flower, stem, and branch is a wonder of the natural world.


Food & Beverage

At our wedding, we were delighted to have I Latina cater the main meal, while Mulatta served up the most amazing cocktails. Our guests were treated to a wonderful selection of drinks, including Jamaica mezcal, Aperol Spritz with white wine, Moscow mules, Palomas, a variety of gins, and Negronis.

As for dinner, we enjoyed a four-course meal that was simply divine. The menu included dishes like tuna and quinoa, succulent duck confit, chamorro, and my personal favorite, passion fruit mousse for dessert. The food was absolutely amazing, and our guests couldn’t get enough of it!

Modern Mexican Wedding

Mexican Wedding

Camila & Fernando

Fashion & Beauty Notes


Bride’s Dress & Shoes

Ever since I can remember, being in the wedding industry has always made me super immersed in all the designers and wedding trends. So when I saw Danielle Frankel, I knew instantly that I wanted to get married in one of her dresses. I wanted something unique and different from what I had seen over the years.

The day of our engagement, I flew directly to Danielle Frankel in NYC with my friends and tried on so many dresses. I fell in love with two of them. Two months later, I flew to LA with my mom and two of my aunts, and we went to LOHO where I knew they stocked Danielle Frankel. The two dresses that I loved the most in NYC were both in the store, and I ended up going for the first one I tried. In the end, I learned it was named “Camille,” so I thought it was just the perfect connection.

When I tried on my wedding dress, I couldn’t see myself in any other dress. All my friends and family described it as a dress that was made completely for my personality. The dress was an A-line shape, which was extremely flattering. It also came with two tiny spaghetti straps, which I used so I wouldn’t be pulling my dress up all night. It was made of pleated satin fabric, which was my favorite part of the whole dress. I had always loved Issey Miyake pleated clothing, so seeing it in a dress and in satin was a total dream. The dress was bubbled and collapsed soft crinoline ball gown and had an accent belt for the waist. The top part was an internal corset.

My shoes were YSL, which, in my opinion, are the most comfortable shoes. And for the ceremony I used Regina Romero. For my second dress, I wore a silver dress made by Kris Goyri, a Mexican designer. For the shoes, I wore metallic leather platform sandals from Prada.


Bridesmaids Dresses & Shoes

All of my friends wore the dresses and brands that they wanted and felt would fit their personalities. I just told them to dress elegantly, with feathers or sequins, and in the end, it all looked beautiful together.


Wedding Rings

My engagement ring is an oval diamond, and I’m obsessed with it. I always knew I wanted something different from the circular ones, which are very popular in Mexico. It fits my personality so well. I have two wedding bands: one with small round diamonds that was given to me at my civil wedding, and the other is just a plain silver-gold band that we exchanged at the wedding.

Fernando’s wedding band is completely round, which he always tells me is super comfortable, and it’s made of yellow gold.


Jewelry & Accessories

I had the pleasure of wearing a stunning Rivera necklace and earrings from Tiffany & Co. My Aunt kindly lent them to me for the special occasion, which fulfilled my “something borrowed” tradition. The jewelry was elegantly minimalistic, allowing my beautiful wedding dress to be the true focal point of my attire.


Groomsmen Attire

The groom looked dashing in a bespoke black fraq created by Pablo Garibi, a talented Mexican designer renowned for his expertly crafted suits for special occasions. Garibi’s made-to-measure suits can also be rented out to others, making them a practical and stylish choice for any discerning gentleman. The groom paired his elegant ensemble with Bowhill & Elliot velvet pump slippers, adding a touch of luxurious comfort to his wedding day look.

Hair & Makeup

I wore my hair in a ballerina bun, styled by Dany Tostado, who perfectly executed my vision of an elegant and classic look that I would love for years to come. The hairstyle was parted down the middle and styled straight back. As a former ballet dancer of 14 years, I wanted to pay homage to my roots on my special day.

My makeup was done by the incredibly talented Cesar Mushi. He was an absolute joy to work with and he created a natural and subtle look for me. I don’t typically wear a lot of makeup, so I wanted to stay true to myself on my wedding day. We chose a pink-toned eye shadow that was neutral, allowing my freckles to shine through. The lipstick perfectly complimented the eyes, tying everything together seamlessly.

Mexican Wedding

Camila & Fernando

Camila & Fernando

Mexican Wedding

The Details



We each arrived by ourselves to the wedding venue because we were going to have our first look made before the ceremony which has been one of the best decisions.


Gift Registry

We initially planned on having a gift registry with Liverpool, but since we were moving to London after the wedding, we decided to ask for monetary gifts instead as we believed it would be more beneficial to us in our new life. However, there was one particular wedding gift that holds a special place in our hearts – an art piece by Gonzalo Lebrija, a Mexican artist, from one of our dearest uncles. As avid art collectors, it was a truly meaningful and beautiful present that we will treasure forever.


Wedding Songs

We made a grand entrance to our wedding reception with the upbeat and catchy tune “I Love to Love” by Tina Charles and Bon Entendeour. It was such a fun and lively way to kick off the party and celebrate our love with all our guests.

Groom and mother dance: You are the first, the last, my everything thing – Barry White

Uncle and bride dance: Forever young Remady Remix – Le feu follet

Brothers of the bride and bride: Open Season – Josef Salvat

Father and daughter dance: Follow you follow me – Genesis

Groom and bride dance: Last train to London – Electric light Orchesta



During dinner, we were serenaded by a talented jazz group, and once the party started, our DJ took over and kept the music flowing all night long. Our guests were treated to a diverse selection of music, including 80s hits, disco classics, reggaeton beats, and the latest pop songs. The dance floor was never empty, and we all had a fantastic time celebrating together.



Our celebrant was Valeria Bross, a dear friend and colleague of mine in the photography industry. Her presence made our ceremony truly special and unique. We wanted our ceremony to be spiritual yet elegant, and Valeria was the perfect guide for us. She exudes such positive energy and has a gift for public speaking that made the ceremony even more meaningful. We felt so lucky to have her with us on our special day.

Camila Fernando

Camila Fernando

Camila Fernando

Our Advice


A memorable moment…

In Mexican culture, it is customary for the bride’s friends to plan a surprise for her that is related to something she likes or does. My friends knew that many of the weddings I had recently photographed were Jewish and that I was obsessed with the hora dance and their beautiful culture. They surprised me by coming out with feathers, rave sunglasses, a chair, and lifting me up in the air to dance like them. It was such an amazing and beautiful moment that I will never forget.

As a couple, we absolutely loved our ceremony. Despite it being so different from traditional Mexican culture, we chose to do what we felt most connected to and made it personal and meaningful. Our closest friends spoke and we read our vows to each other. The ceremony was filled with symbols from all the different wedding cultures I had witnessed as a photographer, and we gave each symbol our own unique meaning. It was truly a magical experience.


One thing I wish I knew before I started my wedding plans…

I would have taken the time to carefully curate a playlist of our favorite songs to give to the DJ so that we could hear the music we really wanted at our wedding. Unfortunately, the DJ played what he wanted instead of what we were expecting. Nevertheless, we still had a fantastic time, but I can’t help but think that taking the time to create a playlist would have made the day even more unforgettable.

If I could give other brides to be one piece of advice…

Time passes by so quickly, therefore it is important to cherish every moment of the wedding planning process. Avoid stressing out about the little details and don’t fret if things don’t go perfectly on the big day. Instead, keep your focus on the loved ones that are gathering to celebrate your love and your unique story. It is important to stay true to yourselves and make choices that resonate with your personal preferences and values. Remember, despite the well-meaning opinions of others, this day belongs solely to you as a couple. So, take the time to discuss what truly holds the most significance to you and your partner, and make it a reality.


Sources of inspiration…

Inspiration really came from all the elements that shaped the wedding itself. The dress, the warehouse, the bride’s taste, the existing colour scheme. All these elements brought together a certain mood for everything to be designed around them. Being such a large wedding, with over 600 guests, we aimed to make it look cosy and personal. Attention to detail was key, so every decision was oriented to achieve this. In the larger scope of things, we thought of every element to be able to stand on its own and have a great impact even if it was all alone. As a photographer, the bride made sure that everything, no matter how big or small, would photograph beautifully and tell a story on its own. Whether it was the table scape, rice on the tables, the hanging fabrics, light beam forest in the entrance, the green arches or just the flowers, she aimed to ensure everything would look picture perfect no matter who took the picture.

I drew inspiration from all the weddings that I had attended, from The Lane and European weddings mostly. I looked for inspiration in Pinterest, The Lane, Vogue Brides and wedding books.

Camila Fernando

Our Contacts


Wedding Venue / Old Kodak Warehouse

Wedding Stylist & Planner /  Rodrigo Mora

Photography /  Dos Mas en la Mesa

Videography /  LightHouse Photocinema

Bride’s Dress /  Danielle Frankle

Bride’s Shoes /  YSL

Grooms Formal wear / Pablo Garibi

Wedding Rings /  Victor Hugo

Jewellery / Tiffany & Co

HairDany Tostado

Makeup /  Cesar Mushi

Stationery /  Dos Cartas

Florist /  Michelle Pourroy

Cake /  Elogia

Catering /  I Latina

Celebrant /  Valeria Bross



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