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Elie Saab Spring ’19 Bridal

An up close look at the new season collection

Inspired by the magic and opulence of the ‘Bal de Vienne’ and Austrian Empress Elisabeth ‘Sisi’, Elie Saab presents a 13 piece collection of an unmatched beauty. Voluminous ball gowns, corseted bustiers and mermaid skirts are designed with luxurious fabrics of the highest refinement. Dresses are dazzled in thousands of ornate pearls and shimmering sequins, stitched in the finest flower appliques and layered in cascading ruffles over countless hours of craftsmanship and finessing.


Made for a grand entrance and to induce a little romance through awe-inspiring elegance and unequalled poise. She sweeps on by her guests with grace and beauty – this is her moment.



The Penthouse suite of the iconic Plaza Hotel. We arrive on the 20th floor, doors open to walls of floral adorned wallpaper, dusk blue carpet and skyline views. Fresh roses scatter the room framing the dresses on display like true art forms.


Standout Moment

Seeing the delicate details up close and in person, something that words can’t describe and truly needs to be experienced to be felt.

“A contemporary ode the Viennese theme.”

How To Wear

For the woman who appreciates the finer things in life, Elie Saab is the epitome of luxury bridal fashion in the modern age. Made by the highest skilled ateliers in the world, each piece is designed and made to the highest standard of quality and matched with the exclusivity of wearing an Elie Saab design. Match the grandness of the gowns with a venue of paralleled beauty steeped in history and sophistication.



An Elie Saab Essence No.1 : Rose scented candle to take a little romance home with us.



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