English Enchantment – A Romantic Escape at Hedsor House

Straying from minimalism into abundance, Hedsor House was alchemized into a dreamy reception of blousy florals and opulent detail.

In Hedsor, overlooking the River Thames, the imposing Hedsor House was rendered an ephemeral vision of otherworldly opulence

Choosing elements of architectural complexity, straying from minimalism into the embrace of abundance, creative director Rebecca Marie  orchestrated the atmosphere from dream to design with breathtaking artistry and masterfully placed details. 

Across a grand candlelit table, a neutral color palette was artfully disrupted by bursts of verdant green and soft blues in blousy floral installations of Gypsophila, Limonium, and Ranunculus while low hanging fabric draped and danced romantically overhead.

“Dramatic draped fabrics highlighted the venue’s versatility, while a scene overflowing with natural elements showcased the abundance and beauty of the season.”

Rebecca Marie’s Styling Tips

  • Achieving something unique with florals doesn’t mean straying too far from what feels comfortable. Ensuring you work with the right florist will result in something that is personal to you and not a carbon copy of designs you’ve seen before.
  • Adding very subtle colors into an otherwise neutral palette can elevate a design. Find balance in weaving in color subtly to add, rather than subtract.
  • Drapery can be a more cost-effective way to add drama – ensure your venue has suitable hanging points and invest in a fabric designer that has experience (it’s harder than it looks)! This style of décor will be achievable across many different venue styles as you rely on fabric and candlelight to set the ambience.

“In essence, this shoot was an ode to the English countryside, infused with a touch of modern drama and a spotlight on Hedsor House’s potential for creating truly immersive experiences.”

Creative Director / Rebecca Marie

Photography / Chloe Ely & Jade Greenbrooke

Location / Hedsor House

Production / Workshops by LARK

Flowers / Sassflower 

Cake / Cak.d

Fabrics / Drap.d

Hire Items / The Luxe Collection

Stationery / Gray Starling



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