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An Ethereal Wedding in Lombardy, Italy

Photography by Serena Morandi & Maaike Kolner.

A canopy of thick, draping fabric fell from above at the Italian wedding of Gloria and Vincent.  The ethereal tablescape exuded romance creating a wildly beautiful reception within an ancient village in Lombardy. Hidden volumes were revealed beneath worn arches and crumbling walls at the historic Cascina Castelletto, where minimalism was infused with a touch of classicism. Single strands of white lilies and roses spilled along the poetic table setting artfully illuminated by candlelight.

The couple said their vows at a traditional ceremony within the imposing walls of a colossal church beforehand.

The serene setting was captured by photographer Serena Morandi & Maaike Kolner.

italy wedding venues

italy wedding venues

Our Story

Names / Gloria & Vincent

Location / Lombardy, Italy

Wedding Date / September 2nd, 2024

Guest Numbers / 60

Budget / 45,000

italy wedding venues

How We Met

It all began on a typical Monday morning. The bride had recently started her new job and was eager to make a good impression. The office was abuzz with activity as colleagues hustled and bustled about, while she navigated her way through the maze of cubicles to her desk. As she settled into her work routine, she couldn’t help but notice a shy and reserved coworker across the room. He had an air of quiet mystery about him that drew her attention. Whenever she glanced in his direction, his eyes quickly averted, and a faint blush colored his cheeks.

Days turned into weeks, and she found herself increasingly curious about the enigmatic stranger who shared her workspace. His shy demeanor only seemed to intensify his allure, and she often found herself stealing glances in his direction when she thought he wasn’t looking. One afternoon, as she was grabbing a cup of coffee in the break room, she noticed him standing nearby. Gathering her courage, she introduced herself with a friendly smile, “Hi, I’m Gloria. I’ve seen you around the office quite a bit. Nice to finally meet you.”

From that day forward, the two of them became inseparable. His shyness had melted away in the warmth of their friendship, replaced by a deep connection that neither of them could deny. As time passed, their friendship blossomed into love. They went on adventures together, supported each other through life’s challenges, and built a future filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. And so, the shy coworker who once could only steal glances from afar became the love of her life. Their love story proved that sometimes, all it takes is a simple “hello” to change the course of your life forever.


Our Engagement Story

The bride and groom had embarked on a romantic journey to explore the world of the famous Impressionist painter, never suspecting that this day would hold a moment that would forever change their lives.

Her boyfriend had been unusually quiet throughout the morning, and she couldn’t help but wonder if something was on his mind. The two of them paused by a bed of vibrant red and pink roses, and he turned to her with a warm smile that held a hint of nervousness. Her heart quickened, sensing the momentous occasion that was unfolding. He reached into his pocket and, with trembling hands, produced a small, white box.  Down on one knee, he began to speak Italian, « Gloria vuoi sposarmi? » he said, his eyes filled with love and sincerity.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she gazed at the man she loved with all her heart. The garden seemed to hold its breath, as if nature itself were awaiting her response. With a voice full of love and certainty, she said, « OUI! »

italy wedding venues

italy wedding venues

What we love most about each other…

Gloria’s husband possesses a unique blend of qualities that has drawn her to him from the very beginning. His patience is legendary, a quality that never wavers in the face of life’s challenges.  His sense of humor is a constant source of joy in Gloria’s life. Vincent’s infectious laughter can brighten even the darkest of days, and his witty remarks have a way of turning mundane moments into unforgettable memories.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about Gloria’s husband is his unwavering presence. He is always there for her, offering his shoulder to lean on and his ear to listen. In a world that often rushes by in a blur of haste, he has the remarkable ability to slow down and savor the moments spent with Gloria. Whether it’s patiently waiting for her to finish a phone call, standing by as she explores her passion for photography, or simply being there when she needs a friend, he never rushes her. His patience and understanding allow Gloria to be herself, to grow, and to thrive.

Her love for him is boundless. It is the kind of love that celebrates his patience, cherishes his humor, and relies on his unwavering presence. In his arms, Gloria has found a home—a place of laughter, understanding, and endless love.

The Setting


Wedding Location

The religious ceremony is celebrated in a pictorial church. He lends his celebration to a friend of his spouse.



Their creative journey began with the concept of exploring a minimalist color palette. They delved into the spectrum of white, traversing its myriad shades until gently merging into the soft hues of ivory and a delicate touch of pink. This inspired approach was beautifully reflected in their choice of fabrics, stationery, and floral arrangements.

Furthermore, they enjoyed experimenting with the tactile qualities of materials, transitioning from the exquisite delicacy of silk, cotton, and linen to the captivating textures of cement and stucco that graced the venue’s walls.



As the bride is a photographer, she was immediately struck by Serena Morandi’s technique. She fell in love with her black & white photos from a wedding in Tuscany and called her immediately to have her at her wedding (before even deciding on the location).

Gloria & Vincent Wedding

Style Notes


Ceremony Décor

The unique charm of the church lent itself to a restrained approach to decoration. The emphasis was placed on minimalist adornments at the entrance and delicate floral arrangements at the base of the altar where the couple stood. We wanted to enhance the distinctive elegance of lilies and pristine white roses.


Reception Décor

For the reception, our vision immediately conjured images of two elegant, elongated tables. Our inspiration stemmed from the captivating walls and arches that adorned the venue.

Long tables were dressed in a symphony of different white-hued tablecloths, each subtly distinct from the others. At their centers, intricate gold wire mesh arrangements cradled two varieties of flowers; the timeless beauty of roses and the grace of lilies.

Our choice of mise en place featured the pure elegance of white porcelain paired with glistening gold cutlery. Adding a touch of color to this predominantly white palette, a delicate pink napkin was artfully placed atop each plate.

The textiles cascading and draping over the tables were intentionally devoid of order or uniformity, embracing a medley of shades and textures. This design aimed to evoke gentle waves that led the eye to the meticulously crafted tableau de mariage, also fashioned from cotton and gracefully flowing to the floor.

italy wedding venues

italy wedding venues

Wedding Planner & Stylist

Pauline skilfully harmonized the bride’s imaginative vision with the architectural elements of the venue and the artistic technique and style of the florist. She meticulously crafted the entire design and aesthetic concept, leaving no detail unexamined with kindness and freshness.



The central concept revolved around elevating the lily, a flower often under-appreciated in wedding décor, by pairing it with the iconic and symbolic rose. What captivated everyone from the outset was the notion of merging the pure white of the lily with the opulence of gold and the innovative use of metal mesh to cradle these blooms, eliminating the need for traditional vases altogether.

Gloria & Vincent Wedding


For our stationery, we opted for a blend of white handmade paper and creamy ivory paper, aiming to establish a striking interplay between these tones, occasionally punctuated by subtle hints of light pink. To infuse a tactile and visual connection with the rough-hewn walls of the dinner venue, we applied a stucco-like texture to the invitations.

To tie it all together, delicate pink silk threads were elegantly employed to secure the invitations, and the envelope, with its gentle transparency, was sealed with a pristine white lacquer wax, elegantly adorned with a torn pink ribbon that provided a delightful preview of the evening’s fabric theme.

italy wedding venues

italy wedding venues

Fashion & Beauty Notes


Bride’s Dress & Shoes

The wedding dress, designed by Atelier Swan, was a true masterpiece, a reflection of her personal style and vision for her big day. It was meticulously crafted to accentuate her beauty and create a dreamy, ethereal silhouette. The dress featured a romantic and timeless A-line silhouette. The bodice was beautifully fitted, delicately hugging her curves and creating an elegant and feminine look. From the waist, the dress flowed into a graceful A-line skirt that cascaded to the floor. The A-line shape provided a flattering and classic look that exuded elegance and sophistication.

Atelier Swan used only the finest and most luxurious fabrics for her gown. The choice of fabric added to the overall dreamy and romantic feel of the gown. Her dress featured a gorgeous train that followed her gracefully as she walked down the aisle.

Her bespoke dress by Atelier Swan was a true labor of love, reflecting her style and the dreamy, romantic atmosphere of her wedding day. It was a dress that made her feel like the most beautiful and loved bride, creating unforgettable memories that would last her entire life.

As for her shoes, they complemented the elegance of her dress. She opted for Rime Arodaky shoes.


Wedding Rings, Jewelry & Accessories

Their wedding bands were a testament to classic simplicity. Crafted from gleaming yellow gold, they featured a traditional, smooth finish. These unadorned bands symbolized the purity and simplicity of their love and their unwavering commitment to each other. In unity, their rings conveyed the timeless and enduring nature of their marriage — a love destined to last a lifetime.

As for the engagement ring, it was a stunning creation from Boucheron.

Gloria & Vincent Wedding

Hair & Makeup

She chose a unique and natural look that resonated with her personality and the overall ambiance of the wedding.

She opted for an elegant up-do. Her hair was skilfully styled, gathered at the nape of her neck, and fashioned into a beautiful and intricate bun. To enhance the overall look, she adorned her hair with a delicate bridal hairpiece, adding a touch of sparkle that complemented the wedding gown’s intricate details. This hairstyle not only exuded sophistication but also ensured comfort throughout the day, especially in the warm weather.

Her makeup was inspired by the natural beauty of the outdoors and the soft colors of flowers. The goal was to appear as the best version of herself without appearing overly made up. Her makeup artist employed earthy tones to accentuate her features, with a focus on soft, neutral shades for her eyeshadow and a subtle bronzer to give her skin a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Her lips were adorned with a soft, rosy lipstick that harmonized with the natural theme. The aim was to create a look that felt effortless and radiant, allowing her true self to shine through. It was crucial to ensure that her makeup reflected the love and happiness of the day rather than overshadowing it.

italy wedding venues

italy wedding venues

“Long tables were dressed in a symphony of different white-hued tablecloths, each subtly distinct from the others.”

italy wedding venues

italy wedding venues

Our Advice


A memorable moment…

One of the most heartwarming and memorable moments of her wedding day was witnessing her father dancing the night away. It served as a testament to the love and happiness that enveloped her on that special day, reminding her of the beautiful moments that manifest when family and friends come together to celebrate love.

Gloria & Vincent Wedding

One thing I wish I knew before I started my wedding plans…

She wishes she had understood the importance of budgeting and financial planning right from the outset of her wedding planning process to avoid financial stress.


Sources of inspiration…

Her wellspring of inspiration came from a beautiful tapestry woven from the threads of art, colors, nature, and love. These four pillars combined to create a symphony of creativity and passion that colored her world in vibrant hues.

italy wedding venues

Our Contacts


Wedding Venue / Cascina Castelletto

Wedding Stylist & Planner / Pauline Weddings & Events

Photography / Serena Morandi & Maaike Kolner

Bride’s Dress / Atelier Swan

Bride’s Shoes / Rime Arodaky

Wedding Rings / Boucheron

Grooms Formalwear / Blandin & Delloye

Hair & Makeup/ Les Jolies Biches

Jewelry & Accessories / Dorothee Flores

Stationery / Details of Paper

Florist / Oggetthi

Cake & Catering / Dispensa Wedding



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