Madeline Joy Relph’s Safari Honeymoon Essentials

All the essentials for exotic Africa, from a free-spirited gypsy soul

Endlessly transported by the instagram feed of professional gypsy Madeline Joy Relph, we managed to pin down this free spirited soul for a quick moment, to pick her brains on incredible Africa, following her recent trip to Tanzania. Approaching each of her adventures with a signature effortlessness of style – a look that’s both chic and sartorially sensitive to each destination – we asked this beautiful nomad for her travel musings and must-have-items for those considering an exotic honeymoon…

Why Tanzania?

Looking back through these images brings forth serious nostalgia over our recent adventure into the east of Africa. Maintaining a strong cultural identity and a spectacular geographical range, surely it must suit the needs of almost anyone looking for an exotic vacation or honeymoon.

You will love this destination if…

Wildlife and landscapes are of interest, as the 16 national parks of Tanzania are truly something to behold. Mt Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater and the vast majority of the Serengeti plains all lie within this country and can be most easily accessed on a safari loop.

You will discover…

The people here are also fantastically hospitable and welcoming. Many of the ethnic groups who reside throughout the country have maintained much of their traditional lifestyle, particularly in pastoralism, craftsmanship and core beliefs.

On a scale of luxe to less?

If you have a fat wallet that’s great, but if you don’t there are still plenty of options. Safari companies are very flexible in tailoring the right expedition for your specific needs. A smaller budget can still provide you with a truly immersive experience.

Memorable moments…

Ancient Baobab trees silhouette the horizon while you gaze at the clearest of skies, and the breathtaking roar of lions can all be heard from within the confines of your tent.


Vacation Wear

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For the more oceanic inclined?

After experiencing all of this, some may be in need of salt water…Luckily Tanzania has Zanzibar (which can be added into your safari tour) just a short ferry ride from the country’s capital, Dar Es Salaam. Visiting Stone Town for the first time is an absolute spectacle, with important historic, artistic and architectural elements that are intertwined with European, Arabic, Persian and Indian influences. The Indian Ocean here leaves you feeling super fresh with powder white sands, incredibly vibrant sea stars, crystal blue waters and traditional dhow boats that will leave you trembling.


Where to stay…

For something special, indulge in luxury bungalows with thatched ceilings, exotic aromatics and an outlook that will no doubt lead you into a state of euphoria.

Madeline’s Safari Essentials

Khaki suits / anything a lighter than khaki is prone to get fairly dirty.

Honeymoon lingerie / because it’s always nice to feel special under clothes as well!

Anything with good zoom capabilities / so you can get those Attenborough style shots. We use a Canon DSLR but these are some great compact options.

Lip balm / for when your head protrudes from the pop top on safari and the wind wreaks havoc on your lips.

A great hair brush / because your hair also gets pretty wild in the wind.

Warm clothes / for those cold mornings and nights on the reserve, sipping tea. I bought this jacket years ago whilst working in a snow store, it has come everywhere with me! It’s light, compact and very warm.

A good book / for the long drives between locations (including likely breakdowns) and relax time.

Swahili Language Guide App / because it’s nice to learn some basic Swahili to show appreciation to their culture and not just their land. Tour guides also love sharing their knowledge for their language and any other questions you may have on local culture.