Mirrored Beauty

Create picturesque reflections and perceived abundance with the precise placement of mirrors

Why Mirrors? A well-placed mirrored surface provides a graceful, floating reflection that deceivingly changes the perception of a space and increases the room’s artistic pleasures, beauty and natural light in an instant.

Create picturesque reflections and perceived abundance by combining mirrored surfaces and floral installations that gracefully reflect as far as the eye can see.

Glas Italia

Photography by Joseph Willis

For those wishing to delight from above, suspended mirrors are a magical addition to your room décor. Clever placement offers a reflection of the tablescape below, all to be enjoyed without having to leave the the seat of your chair.

Mystify the outdoors and emulate the magic that surrounds us with precise placement of floating mirrored frames, furniture and plinths.

Style Tip / Keep things cohesive throughout by choosing to opt for clean and traditional surfaces for a more modern and minimalist feel or an antique washed surface if you are looking to project a more bohemian inspired space.

Image: Cody Smith



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